28. Nov, 2018


That night was spent in the car park of ‘The Butchers Arms’ www.thebutchersarmsfringford.com in Fringford, an establishment participating in the ‘Britstop’ scheme www.britstop.com whereby a free nights motorhome parking is offered, with varying degrees of facilities, and in return, I suppose, they hope you’ll spend money with their businesses, though you are not obliged to. We did, and enjoyed a nice meal and drink in the restaurant giving The Chef a night off.

After that it was on to Winchester where I got to see again, after many years, my grandfathers’ WW1 DCM medal displayed at The Royal Greenjackets Museum http://rgjmuseum.co.uk to where it had been donated on his death. Not that he joined the Greenjackets back in those days, but with the continuing decline of our military forces and the amalgamation and loss of so many famous regiments, that’s what he’s been lumped in to.