28. Nov, 2018


As this page has been produced retrospectively I have been able to enter everything in the order I wish it to be. Therefore this page is to be read from top to bottom, as opposed to the usual blog pages of bottom to top.

Unfortunately the photographs are not as good as I would wish them to be as most were taken with the small pocket camera.

In the period between our early summer ‘Italy & Greece 2018’ trip and 'Spain 2018/19' we’ve used the motorhome very little. This is not a good idea as these things are expensive toys and need to be used regularly to justify their expense.

Here then is a quick catch up:

Rather than cross the Channel so soon after our trip to Italy and Greece, we decided to have a short tour in the UK, something we've never done. Until then all of our touring had been abroad.

So in September it was to be the South Coast of England before ending up on the Gower Peninsular in Wales, after which we would visit Rosina’s granddaughter, Charlotte, and great grandson Jake who live close by.