8. Mar, 2020


SUNDAY 8-03-20

We awoke to a lovely warm sunny day. We felt that we really had finally arrived at a sunny place. I was keen to crack on so that we could arrive at Benicassim in time to get set up ready to enjoy our short stay here.

We rushed things a bit to get away which resulted in my leaving my mint plant which I had bought from Waitrose and had re-potted (more of that another day). I was really miffed, but by the time I realised what I had done there was no going back to get it.

Soon we were on the toll road for a journey of about 180 miles. It should have been a bit easier than it was as HGV's are banned from the roads on Sundays unless they are carrying fresh produce, but I suppose Spain is all about fresh produce which meant we found ourselves overtaking quite a few of lorries.

Amazingly here right now diesel fuel is just under the equivalent of one pound per litre, though not of course on the toll roads. I think we topped up at about €1.20, just over a pound, but it was a 'Repsol' garage, so we're not talking quality like 'Shell' or 'BP'.

Thankfully 'Freddie Fendt' was back to normal and functioning perfectly which is reassuring given the amount of money he's just had spent on him.

After stopping for lunch about forty miles short of Benicassim we arrived here at Camping Bonterra Park  www.bonterrapark.com (GPS: N40.056967˚ E0.074650˚) at about 13:30. It was nice to be back and the campsite is much busier than I expected, especially given the large number of motorhomes and caravans we'd seen heading in the opposite direction on our way down here. I think quite a few people come down here for a full six months (Beginning of October to the end of March) so I guess even the weather and flooding back home and the coronavirus spreading across the globe hasn't been enough to budge them. There are a number of familiar faces from previous visits but we were never close to most of them. The Chef spotted what looks to be 'Herman wiffout der Husky''s motorhome in one of the pitches and given the unique artwork on the vehicle I'm sure it will prove to be him.

We set up in our pitch and settled down for a bit of relaxation in the sunshine while we had the chance. Tomorrow will be chores followed by shopping followed by a bit of chill time. Having said that though I've made a start on knocking something together regarding coronavirus for the 'Advice & Tips' section of the blog. I hope I can beaver away and produce something by Thursday at the latest. What I have seen on the internet is a very simplistic approach to Infection Control. The practicalities of it go beyond 'Blow your nose on a tissue, wash your hands regularly and avoid toucing your eyes. I hope I can produce something that will be a practical guide to ordinary folk looking for answers.

This evening we enjoyed a Sunday roast in the restaurant, though it, like the campsite fees have gone up since last year when the two meals and a small carafe of wine was sixteen Euro's- this year twenty-two fifty.

What is left of this evening is being spent letting the meal settle, and The Chef is about to make coffee as only she can.