9. Mar, 2020


MONDAY 9-03-20

Today was a bit of a nothing day having woken from a lovely peaceful night here. Even the obligatory yappy balls of fluff are at a reasonable distance from us.

Speaking to fellow campers it seems that today's weather was the norm, that is, it started off cloudy and then the skies clear to a greater or lesser degree in the afternoon giving some lovely warmth and sunshine.

It was mainly a chores day. Firstly the washing line went up between two trees on our pitch followed by me doing my bits to hang out followed by The Chef doing hers. Then while she was cleaning the bathroom I got stuck in to the carpet cleaning. We have removed the fitted carpets which came with the vehicle and now use lengths of carpet strip, the sort you get in hallways, cut to shape and covering the whole floor. It's a stiff hardwearing carpet which is practical for our needs. Somewhere on the way down here we picked up some marks which I can only assume came from a garage forecourt, but they're now gone and it's all looking a lot cleaner.

While everything was drying we went for a wander down to the village for a few bits and to be mugged by a Spanish ATM.

Although Nationwide Building Society do not charge us for cash withdrawals from our Flexplus current account the Spanish banks want their pound of flesh. Today we withdrew €300 at a Santander branch at a cost of something like £289 (it showed the exact amount on the screen but I see it doesn't appear on the ATM reciept) plus a fixed transaction charge of seven Euros. The folk behind us in the queue told us it pays to have a Santander 123 account I think he said. But how many accounts do you need to have? In future we are going back to how we used to do things, which is to buy €500 from Tesco Online currency exchange before leaving, then split the money in to 5 x €100 envelopes and lock four of them away in the safe alongside our envelope of €100 emergency money.

Needless to say since we crossed The Channel, The Chef has been putting everything she can on a card, regardless of how small the amount is.

On the way back we popped in to the lovely Lidl supermarket down the road and bought a few bits. The alcohol soap came out at the appropriate moments.

Back at the campsite we enjoyed a light lunch after which we finished the chores then The Chef sat out enjoying the sunshine while a did a bit of typing regarding Infection Control which I hope to have finished tomorrow.

We watched the BBC Six O'clock News online after our evening meal, and much of it of course is about the Covid-19 coronavirus. In fact I don't think there was anything good reported during the programme at all. Much more of this doom and gloom and they'll have to put an electrified fence along Beachy Head.

No photograph today I'm afraid, there was nothing to take a picture of apart from our untidy pitch as we set about getting tidy inside the vehicle.

Tomorrow we're off for a walk along the seafront, in to town, then checking if the free bike hire scheme is still running at the Sports Centre.