10. Mar, 2020


TUESDAY 10-03-20

After another peaceful night we awoke to another cloudy day, cloudier than yesterday because we never got to see the sun at all really which meant it was rather cool all day long. Never mind at least we were cool in lightweight clothing rather than cold in thick clothing back home.

We took ourselves off to the seafront this morning which is only a couple of blocks away. There is still evidence of the damage caused by the nasty storm they had here late last year. A fellow camper who was here at the time told me that it lasted about five days and soon after it passed she went for a walk along the promenade and estimated there was five inches of sand on it, which had been washed up by the sea.

Once we were level with the village we turned right and inland to the 'High St' enquiring at the Sports Centre on the way as to whether or not the free cycle hire was still in place. Fortunately for us it was and we may well take a bike out later this week.

Being a bit cool there weren't many people about but we did spot a couple of establishments where we could potentially take our MiFi's, laptop and iPad to sort out the connectivity problem should we fail to sort it ourselves.

On the way back I bought a small bag of compost and a plastic pot. Sounds crazy I know, but before setting out I bought a mint plant from Waitrose, re-potted it and bought it along with us. The thinking being that as flies and mosquitoes aren't too fond of the smell of mint they may keep away from us. I don't mind using spray but The Chef has a bit of a problem with asthma and so I'm trying to find a natural solution. Anyhow in our haste to hit the road when leaving Barcelona I went and left the plant enjoying some fresh air and sunshine sat near the hook-up point. I didn't realise what I'd done until the Chef asked if I had remembered put it in, and of course I then realised I hadn't but there was no way I was going back for it.

Fortunately we have a small garden centre next door to the campsite and yesterday we popped in on the off chance they had one. They hadn't, but the nice lady said they had something similar, and sure enough on rubbing the leaf it smelt just like mint, though what it is I've no idea. If anybody recognises it then answers on a postcard please.

After picking up a few bits of shopping we returned for lunch after which I re-potted 'Minty-Smelling Plant Mk 2'.

The Chef had unfolded the chairs and was ready for an afternoon of sunshine, but it was not to be, in fact it was too cool even to sit outside in. Never mind the thought was there.

The coronavirus epidemic seems to have increased significantly here in Spain since we left home. At that time there had only been two deaths. Now it is reporting that there have been 1,622 infections and 35 deaths, which is quite an increase in ten days. We have the means to take sensible precautions while we're over here, but we are of course at the mercy of our fellow man and that really is the weakest link given the number of times you see a handkerchief not being used. I'm hoping to finish my bit on Infection Control tomorrow. Not being a writer I've found it hard gong but I felt I should produce it.

Following a video call with my brother Richard today we will be leaving here on Monday morning heading for Denia further down the coast where we'll meet up with them for a chat and they will be able to tell us all about their recent holiday motorhoming in Australia.

Well all the chores are now done and we're locked up for the night. The heating is on and I think we'll now be watching a couple of videos.