11. Mar, 2020


WEDNESDAY 11-03-20

Last night's entertainment was the DVD 'Rocketman' about Elton John's early days of fame. We thought it was a very entertaining film, told in an interesting way. We've watch a few DVD's now as it's still too cool to sit out or do much in the evenings. Never mind it's early days yet and we do have to remind ourselves that it is still winter.

Thankfully the weather forecast was right for today and we were able to enjoy a lovely warm sunny day. Seeing that clear blue sky and feeling the sun's warmth makes all the effort to get down here worthwhile.

Today was always planned to be a relaxing one, though I was busy bashing away at the laptop for quite a bit of it, though I did manage to do some of it outside with a baseball cap on to shield my eyes so that I could see the screen more easily.

The Chef had a special treat as she was spared most kitchen duties because we had a barbecue. The new Weber BBQ I had bought was having its first outing, it performed pretty well, though I do still prefer the Weber 'Baby Q' which we have carried in the past, but has proven to be a bit heavy and takes up quite a lot of space.

In all, it was a nice experience and we got to eat outside, the first time this trip, and hopefully the first of many as we move further south towards the warmer weather.

We're continuing to keep ourselves to ourselves as we're here for such a short period of time, and most folk have been here all winter and are already in their little cliques. This doesn't bother us in the least, we're quite happy with our own company. We do chat a little to the neighbour across who arrived a week ago but can only stay for five weeks due to family issues.

The Chef continues to be impressed by our pitch location. We are right next to the shower and toilet block, and close to the dish and clothes washing facilities and bins.

Tonight is Quiz Night down at the bar and restaurant. Normally we'd have gone but it will be standing room only in there and we'd have to have been a team of two, so we've stayed indoors and played Darby & Joan.

Tomorrow we plan to hire the bikes so that we can go for a nice ride on Friday. It's free hire, we just have to leave a fifty Euro deposit in cash for each bike.

Looking at the online BBC News I see MP Nadine Dorries, upgraded to a Health Minister, and one of her staff, have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, so it makes you wonder what chance the rest of us have. I like Nadine, I think she's one of the old school of politician who has passion and is a straight talker. I hope she's soon well again. Further up the page I see that the WHO have now upgraded the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak to a pandemic, which it has been for a few days now. Sadly it will have a major impact on jobs, businesses and our currency. Let's just hope the cure can soon be found in a laboratory somewhere in the world and we can get it under control, then eradicated.

I have now uploaded by blurb on Infection Control and it can be found on the Home Page/More/Advice & Tips/Infection Control. Some of it may be of help to folk but then maybe it won't, but at least I shared what I have.

I think The Chef is keen to now watch another DVD, so I will now upload this then fire things up.