12. Mar, 2020


THURSDAY 12-03-20

Last night's DVD entertainment was the first three episodes of 'Gavin & Stacey', but I don't think The Chef was that impressed by it, which is a shame as we've a few episodes left to watch.

As promised we had another lovely sunny day, though it was a bit cooler than yesterday. Today was the day we were to hire the bikes ready for a bike ride tomorrow. Unfortunately after another nice walk along the promenade in to the village we were unable to do so because we took photocopies of our passports rather than the originals. We have a few photocopies onboard, taken with both passports side by side on A4 sheets so that we can leave them at a campsite Reception desk if they require them as we don't like parting with the originals and be told to come back for them later. Never mind. We will get up earlier tomorrow and take the originals with us, hire the bikes and then set off for our bike ride from there.

We couldn't remember which day of the week the market was on, but as we rounded the corner from the Sports Centre we had the answer - it is Thursdays. As usual it was mainly fruit and vegetable stalls, but whereas we would normally buy bits, we decided against it as there was a lot of feeling and fumbling of the goods by the locals, and right now I think we should be avoiding that sort of thing, and so after a look around we made our way the short distance to the largest of the Chinese shops where I bought a new reversible trouser belt, new flip-flops, a single cotton sheet and some elastic should we need to start making our own masks if things get worse with the coronavirus over here.

Then it was in to the supermarket across the road from the campsite where we bought some fruit which had been packaged and was therefore not as handled as the loose food, then it was back for lunch.

Later I had a text from my brother Richard who informed us that he and his wife Sue had decided at the last minute to cancel their holiday to Denia. So last minute that their bags were packed and the car was outside the house ready to take them to a hotel for the night before flying out here tomorrow. But having had their friends they were joining here cancel a couple of days ago, and to then find out this morning that the fires and fiesta celebrations in Denia have been cancelled, they saw little point in coming out. It must have been extremely disappointing for them but they made the right decision. Just like back home the coronavirus is kicking off here, so things are getting riskier, plus they would have had to run the gauntlet of the airport, flight and hotel air conditioning it wasn't worth taking the risk. We were disappointed too as we were looking forward to catching up with them and finding out all about their recent motorhoming adventure in Australia. Never mind we'll meet up as soon as we get home whenever that will be. The Chef and I have decided that we'll increase our precautions as from Benidorm and further south, and if we feel the risks become too great (rank Spanish armpits may keep the flies away but they aren't going to save them from this one) we'll make our way home, almost non-stop. So it's very much fingers crossed for us.

Having sat out in the lovely sunshine this afternoon The Chef agreed to thin my hair out for me. I had my hair cut about four weeks ago by Blind Brian, and even though I asked him to thin it out having cut it he didn't. He seems to have mastered the art of distracting customers and to present an acceptable look in the mirror at the end of the cut. But you don't really find out what he's really done until the following day. The man is so inconsistent, occasional he's really quite good, but more often now it really isn't worth the money. But if I don't go and pay hime then there's no money to feed his guide dog. I have to say this evening my hair feels so much better - cheap at half the price.

The chores are all done now and I have just had to pop out to the gas locker within the rear garage to change over the cylinders as the heating stopped working. I can't grumble the first cylinder has lasted us since the UK and it's been used for heating every evening since we left as well as cooking when we've not been hooked-up to electricity on campsites.

An early night tonight I think as we've a few calories to burn up tomorrow as we play Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid on our bikes.