24. Apr, 2016


FRIDAY 11-04-08 

This morning we went up to the top of the 1,149ft Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel tower www.stratospherehotel.com where the rides at the top are pretty hairy and neither of us had any intention of going on them, merely to video other peoples suffering. The views from the top of the tallest free-standing observation tower in America were fantastic, you can see for miles. We could see our motorhome sat in the Circus Circus RV campground, made easier by the fact the Stratosphere was our next door neighbour. Interestingly enough the Stratosphere hotel and casino, situated at the northernmost end of The Strip is the only one actually in the city of Las Vegas, as the rest of The Strip, south of Sahara Avenue, is in the townships of Paradise and Winchester

We returned to the Circus Circus Hotel complex where we went to look at 'Adventuredrome', the indoor funfair. That was very impressive and would go down really well at Centre Parks if they copied the idea. We then popped down to the local Walgreens store where I bought a rechargeable electric shaver. I really don’t like them, but it’s going to give me a convenient alternative to wet shaving on some occasions. 

We decided to eat down The Strip this evening setting off about 20:00 to get the night time video shots we didn’t get to take last night. The walking and shooting took longer than we thought and we didn’t get to eat until 00:30. After that we got to walk off our meal as we made our way back, walking almost the entire length of The Strip. 

By that time of night the younger element seemed to be taking over The Strip. It was like any UK town on a Friday or Saturday night, although we didn’t see any aggression or mindless violence, which seems to be reserved for British cities. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Circus Circus KOA campground, Las Vegas