28. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 07-09-08 

Last night, once the wildlife had gone to bed, was so quiet that the tick from the alarm clock was disturbing me so much I had to take the battery out, and enjoyed total silence after that. We awoke to see mist across the surface of the lake. The last time we’d had such a good view lying in bed was watching dolphins in the Pacific Ocean off Malibu Beach.

After showering we walked to the Rangers office to pay our fees and pick up some information on the State Park. On our return we got the folding bikes out and went for a nice ride around the lake. We didn’t venture too far as it felt very hot and humid and we’ve yet to become acclimatised to the weather. 

After the bike ride The Chef sat by the lake having a read and I set about emptying the rear cargo locker and repacking it to include the suitcases which we had been storing in the cab-over bedroom. The Chef discovered a wet patch along the front edge of the sheet we use to cover the mattress for protection and so I had to empty all of the cab-over area to discover the plastic bottom of the mattress was also wet. That was taken outside to dry in the sun which meant we spent the rest of the day with boxes etc scattered around the floor of the RV. 

The rear cargo locker was repacked, a job I was pleased to have completed, after which we had a barbecue by the lake and spent the evening sat by our campfire listening to the wildlife. This has been an absolutely delightful place to have stopped. We have considered staying another day but that would put us one day behind schedule, instead we’ll move further up the Natchez Trail Parkway, probably to Davy Crocket State Park about 60 miles away. 

LOCATION: Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi Highway 25/Milepost 304 Natchez Trace Parkway.