28. Apr, 2016


WEDNESDAY 10-09-08 

This morning we jumped on to our own personal shuttle bus to the Radisson Hotel at the busy end of Music Valley Drive which runs parallel to the busy, noisy. interstate highway. From there we caught a city bus in to downtown Nashville.

The weather was much brighter, but not having seen a recent weather forecast, took raincoats with us. By then it was late morning and as we’d bought a packed lunch with us to avoid eating junk food, we wandered down Broadway where the clubs are, then down to the Cumberland River where we found a picnic table and ate our lunch. Not only did it fill a gap, it meant I no longer had to carry it around in my backpack. 

After lunch the cameras came out and we made our way back up the hill towards Ryman’s Auditorium, www.ryman.com home of the Grand Ole Opry for many years. We paid for the self guided tour which was very enjoyable; there was even a member of staff down near the stage who was offering to take photographs of guests using their own cameras. Unfortunately we couldn’t look around backstage as there is a performance tonight by Tricia Yearwood, whoever she is, and her roadies were busy setting up the equipment on stage. Having a tourist trip over gaffa tape & cabling, then diving headlong in to the base drum was a risk they were clearly not prepared to take. 

Many famous C&W artists have performed on this stage as well as other well know names including Elvis Presley. The Grand Ole Opry moved from this venue in the 70’s to its current location out of town. Ryman’s Auditorium then lay empty for around 20 years before it was refurbished and opened again as an historical venue in its own right. 

The weather during the day was improving all the time and was by now hot and sunny. We felt we’d seen all we wanted to see, and so opted for a cool beer in Tootsie’s bar & restaurant www.tootsies.net . Now I’m the last person to know what constitutes a good C&W singer, but the chap on stage sounded quite acceptable and kept us entertained for about an hour, before being replaced on stage by a young lady playing the fiddle with her boyfriend accompanying her, trying to light a fire by rubbing a pick against half a dozen strings, singing a song he’d written after having just met this new young lady in his life. We decided it was a good time to leave with The Chef commenting that perhaps the old songs are the best. 

When we got back to the RV we set about having an early barbecue as later The Chef would need to use the laundry for a large wash and I needed to get a Wi-Fi signal to send and receive emails. Tomorrow we need to be up early as I’ve booked the RV  in next door to have a problem with the slide-out unit looked at, after which we’ll be making our way north. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Two River Campground, 2616 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214. (GPS: N36.230765 W86.703340)