29. Apr, 2016


WEDNESDAY 01-10-08 

I must have slept well as Rosina told me there was a short thunderstorm during the night but I didn’t hear a thing.

This morning we again caught the ferry across to Manhattan whose terminal is just 150yds from our RV. Today we intended to visit the Tenement Museum, the Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station, but first the Brooklyn Bridge. We enjoyed our walk all the way across it the last time we were here and this time was no different. The weather was bright, sunny and warm which was just right. Sadly the most noticeable difference on this occasion was the absence of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on the skyline. 

Our walk across the bridge completed we set out on foot for the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side www.tenement.org which was something The Chef was particularly interested in visiting. On arrival at the address there was a notice on the door informing us there were only guided tours, and these could be purchased at the bookshop down the road, so off we went to buy our tickets. In a small room at the back of the book shop we watched a video about the living conditions of immigrants on the Lower East Side, after which we joined a small group on our 12:30 tour of the Tenement Museum. It was great to visit such a building and get a real feel of what living conditions were once like for so many poor but hopeful people. Our guide showed us two apartments and told us the history of the families which occupied them. This was such an interesting tour and worth the effort to get there. 

Following the visit we decided to have lunch, and as we were not carrying a packed lunch had to buy American cuisine. It was to be hamburgers, mainly because I didn’t like the look of the member of staff at the pizza joint across the road and wouldn’t have wanted him preparing me anything all. My theory being than anybody in the catering industry that looks like a dishevelled, scruffy slob, probably finds the time to publically scratch his arse, but not the time to wash his hands after a visit to the bathroom.

The meal was just fine, and it was a meal as opposed to a snack. With full tummies we found the local subway station and made our way to the Rockefeller Center, another place on The Chef’s wish list. It took a bit of finding but when found, didn’t impress us at all. It seemed to have posh expensive shops on the lower floor and for a rip-off $20 each, a view of the city from their observation tower. We decided this was too much to pay and so moved on, this time to Grand Central Station. We’d been before but as we were almost passing it on our way to the subway station at 42nd Street thought we’d take another look. This is an impressive building with the trains running out from platforms down in the hot, basement-level below.

After this we decided to make our way back home, time was getting on and we had chores to do, including the laundry prior to our leaving tomorrow morning. We took the subway to Wall Street for our ferry connection. 

During our trip back across the Hudson River it started to rain heavily and at journeys end we had to dash from the ferry to the small open sided passenger shelter until it eased enough for us to make a dash to the RV. 

This evening has been spent doing odd jobs and my chatting to our newly arrived neighbours from Australia who fancy trying Wal-Mart overnight parking in their hired RV but didn’t know the ropes. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Liberty Harbour RV Park, 11 Marin Blvd, Jersey City, NY 07302.