30. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 09-11-08 

I was up early this morning to put the polish on the cab area of the bodywork. Rosina came out to join me soon after. It didn’t take too long, and it’s nice to see the RV looking progressively clean and shiny. We now only have the left hand side left to do which will be a job for tomorrow. 

Many of the furry, yappy carry-everywhere dogs and their owners left this morning. I don’t know why they bothered coming in the first place since they only arrived on Friday evening.  Maybe the sales have started and there are special offers on cosmetic surgery or embalming fluid back in their home towns. 

After scrubbing up we took a ride to the local Publix supermarket taking with us a coolbag and ice pack which fits in to the rear bicycle basket on my bike. It’s been necessary to go there because the local Wal-Mart across the road is another of those which sells hardly any food at all, just our luck really; still it wasn’t a long bike ride thank goodness. We must be getting fitter since we arrived here. The bike ride to the beach and pier is about 4 miles each way and we’ve ridden it most days. 

On our return from Publix we lazed around for a bit before having lunch and setting off on our bikes for the beach. The weather has again been delightful with clear blue skies and sunshine. We first made for the Fifth Avenue area where there are very nice, expensive shops. On approaching the nearby park we came across a jazz band performing to a surprisingly large crowd most of who had bought along their own folding chairs, so we stayed and enjoyed the music for a while. We then looked around a few of the shops before wandering down to the pier and walking along the beach, picking our spot and sitting to watch the world go by. 

We left as the sun was getting low in the sky, on reflection we should have stayed for the sunset as lots and lots of people were making their way to the beach, they obviously knew something we didn’t as from our campground we saw what would have been a lovely sunset. Never mind we’ve promised ourselves we’ll be back down there tomorrow, having first polished the RV of course. 

This evening’s meal was an alfresco barbecue and a few glasses of wine with the table romantically lit by our nearby 1-acre-coverage electric UV bug-killing lamp. Suddenly the campground garden sprinkling system decided to come on and spray everything including the table and chairs. The only way I could stop them was to cover the spray heads with carrier bags knotted underneath to keep them on, though not before they’d made everything rather damp. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Neapolitan Cove RV Park, 3790 Tamiami Trail, E, Naples, FL 34112.