30. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 10-11-08 

We didn’t want to do it but it had to be done. I struggled out of bed first and washed down the whole of the left side of the RV. This is the side which catches the sun first and so it dried quickly. I was then joined by Rosina and between us we polished the whole of the left side made harder by the polish drying very quickly in the heat. When it was finally done it looked a picture but I will never again make fun of those RV owners who have mobile people come on to site to do the job for them. 

After a late shower The Chef made a start on the large amount of laundry we had accumulated, whilst I popped down the road to see if I could get some replacement wheel nuts which hold our rear fancy stainless steel wheel trims on, but no luck. The store had a nut with the right thread but the nut wasn’t large enough to fit over and grip the chrome nut cover and they suggested I go to a company dealing in large trucks. 

Gosh it was hot by early afternoon and we enjoyed scrambled egg on toast for lunch which we sat outside and ate. 

I reported last nights sprinkler problem to the manageress who told me they are on a timer, but her husband sometimes puts them on an extra cycle because everywhere is so dry as there’s hardly been any rain for months. 

We had intended to set out for Naples beach on our bikes at about 16:45 to make sure we were in good time for the sunset but The Chef got behind with the laundry due to a machine problem and we didn’t leave until 17:15. We’re getting the hang of the 4-mile ride now but despite best efforts the little wheels on our cycles didn’t get us there until the sun was down. This was annoying given the effort that went in to getting down there, but we did get to see a lovely deep red sky and managed to take a few pictures and some video shots. We do intend coming back down again on Wednesday our last evening here, and we’ll make sure we set out in good time, perhaps bringing a picnic with us. 

Our return journey required lights on the bikes. Unfortunately one of the front lights didn’t work when finally unpacked, and we couldn’t find the receipt to take it back to the local Wal-Mart for an exchange, so The Chef had the front light and I rode my bike with my battery head lamp fitted around my forehead, I must have looked like a coal miner on vacation. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Neapolitan Cove RV Park, 3790 Tamiami Trail, E, Naples, FL 34112.