15. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 23-5-15

The non-stop rain finally came to a halt at about 02:30 (not that it disturbed my sleep in any way you understand) and then restarted at about 07:30. We had a bit of a lie-in as there was nothing much to get up for, then up to the shower block wearing my dressing gown with my Mac over it to keep me dry, toilet bag and towel.

Yesterday The Chef had committed the cardinal sin and got wet. Her shoes were soaked through. How she ever imagined her suede-looking slipper-lookalikes could ever be water proof is beyond me. If it were not for the fact she had more washing up to do she'd be on the naughty stool.

Luckily she had a pair of trainers in the locker at the back (I didn't like to ask her why she hadn't worn them yesterday) so I suggested we'd leave the wet shoes in the bathroom to dry whilst we were out, she'd wear the trainers and if they worked - fine, if they didn't, she was to say so and we'd fix her up with something else (I'd spotted a 'North Face' outdoor clothing shop in town).

On departing the vehicle I noticed that our nice German neighbours had already left, I had heard somebody leave at about 07:30, so I guess it was them, understandably hacked off with the weather and now heading for Dubrovnik - good luck to them.

Back in to town on the bus again whilst enduring heavy rain. Lordy, Lordy, tour groups absolutely everywhere. Surely not, we must be too far inland for cruise ships, where have they all come from?

Our method of travel up to the castle was to be 'The Train' one of those silly things that looks like a train with carriages behind it that plods up and down promenades back home. But we don't care, we'd rather be seen on that thing than walking all the way up to the top, and since it only cost something like €4 return each, as opposed to the poncey funicular at €12 each return, it's worth the humiliation. Judging by the lumps and bumps we experienced on the way up I think the train must have been built in Kosovo, but for the price we could forgive them.

There was not a lot to see once we were up at the castle. The views looking down on lovely Ljubljana were restricted due to the low cloud based, mist and rain. Never mind, in situations like this we have to work with what we've got.

After a coffee to kill some time we headed downhill on the choo choo, before escaping and heading for the market area for a late lunch. Damned if we're not adventurous in what we eat, same stall, same meal. “Two chicken and chips please, one with lots of ketchup on, and the other with lots of mayonnaise” . Ten minutes later, or as long as it took to fry two portions of frozen chips and two HGV road-kill flat, breaded, chicken bits we were tucking in to our foreign cuisine.

By then we'd had enough, it was wet, it was miserable, it was full of tourists, so we decided to head for home.

And here we are, having popped in to Reception on the way back to renew our Wi-Fi connection, joking how much we just love this English-style summer, and them not too sure if I'm serious or not.

We will have something light for our evening meal as we dined at lunchtime. Life is too short to spend time watching tonight's Eurovision Song Contest online via the laptop, but we may watch the latter stages of the voting. My guess is we're so bad we'll come about 5th from bottom. 'Bottom' being the key word to describe our entry.

That's it then for another day.