15. Apr, 2016


THURSDAY 28-5-15

I don't usually wind down the corner steadies and last night was no exception. I had already experienced The Chef with a fit of the giggles when she came out of the bathroom having cleaned her teeth before we went to bed. Not long afterwards I felt the vehicle start to vibrate and then shudder, so I asked her "Are you laughing?", she was, and at my expense. I must therefore share with you my senior moment from yesterday.

The Reception Office at the entrance to the campground has a steel framed glazed front with very heavily tinted glass, it's also quite dark inside, I suppose that's to make life more bearable when it gets very hot. So anyway, on our return to the campground yesterday I suggested we pop in, tell the guy that we wanted to stay about a week and also wanted the electricity.

So there I was pulling and pushing the ‘door’ to try and get in, I tried pulling and pushing it on both sides, shaking it, bloody thing, and then it was pointed out to me by a bemused Chef that it was a sliding door - and it was already open, the openning being one pace to my right. I felt a complete idiot, not helped by the look of disbelief on the face of the chap behind the reception desk facing me, who of course won't tell a soul about it will he? At least it gave The Chef a good giggle, though I will take a photograph of the door before we leave as evidence for the defence.

We awoke to a lovely sunny morning. This was to be chores day, I rigged a washing line up and we both did our bits of washing. I then wound the corner steadies at the back down, so now I won't feel the vibrations as much whilst The Chef is trying to suppress a good old laugh at my expense.

We've agreed to throw away the fresh milk we bought in Slovenia. It's very creamy, tasting rather like Carnation milk, and it's spoiling the taste of the cereal and my cups of tea.

After the chores came a period of relaxation sat outside in the sun.

This evenings meal was a very nice curry with The Chef deviating from the set recipe with very pleasing results. After letting it all settle we set out for an evening stroll to find the bus stops and railway station which we will need to get around whilst we're here. The railway station is just across the road from the beach which is a very nice location indeed for a station.

We walked back through the marina and hotel complex, expecting it to be quite busy, but it wasn't at all.

Tomorrow we plan to catch a 200 service bus in to Nice. I'm hoping we can get a fairly early start so that we can be confident of knocking it off in one day. We then plan to chill over the weekend followed by Monday and Tuesday in Monaco, getting there by train.