15. Apr, 2016


FRIDAY 5-6-15

It was another lovely warm sunny morning. I was awoken at about 05:30 to the sound of jets taking off. They sounded like the much smaller executive jets, and a number of them took off in quick succession. But then I suppose if you lived along this coast and had enough money you could take off in your personal jet and be at a meeting in London at the start of the business day. Oh how the other half live.

We were up and at it, as we wanted to get down on the beach this morning for one last time before it got too hot. Rosina had a bit of washing to do before we set out.

Down on the beach it was lovely and quiet with the sea almost like a millpond. We sat in front of the local sailing club's complex, and this morning we were entertained watching about thirty 7-8 years old school kids being given an introduction to sailing. We first noticed them being towed back slowly in lines behind inflatables with outboards. There were two kids to each very small sailing dinghy with sail aloft. It was interesting to see the skill of the staff as they bought each dinghy in to the shore using the inflatables running alongside them. After they were all ashore it was a real team effort to get all of the dinghies up the beach and in to the compound. It was lovely to see kids enjoying 'school' and just shows they can learn a lot even when away from the desk. I can't imagine anything like that happening back home these days given the pages and pages of risk assessment forms that would have to be filled in to satisfy 'Elf N' Safety’ and the schools insurers etc.

Whilst sat on the beach we have decided that God-willing we will return to this area, and we'll do it at the same time of year and bring our folding bikes to take them on the train to Monaco and actually cycle around the Grand Prix circuit days after the race.

The Chef stopped by the supermarket for a few bits on the way back to the campsite, then after lunch we set about preparing for 'lift off' tomorrow. Rosina sponged and brushed the large exterior mat we laid down by the door. It really has been a boon, and stopped most of the dried small leaves off the trees and tiny grittty stones from being trodden in to the vehicle. I for my part gave the outside of the vehicle the best clean I could, working with just a bucket, sponge and some washing-up liquid. It had been so long since I'd tried to clean it, and much of the dirt on the bonnet was getting baked on with the heat, and I dread to think what the roof looks like having been under these two trees, one of them being a pine, for about ten days.

After our evening meal we took another stroll down to the beach. It really was a lovely comfortable temperature and as a consequence there were lots of couples and families down there enjoying the evening. It was almost like 'let the tourists have it during the day and lie there and fry, and we'll have it in the evening when it's far more comfortable'. We both wished we'd come down here in the evening earlier in our stay so that we could have done the same.

We hit the road again tomorrow heading towards the Loire Valley, an area we like, before moving on to Arras and then Calais for the 16th and our ferry crossing.