15. Apr, 2016


TUESDAY 16-6-15

We enjoyed our final shower on the wrong side of the Channel this morning before preparing the vehicle for off, including dumping our grey waste water. I timed it well as the 'Tank Full' alarm went off just as I finished my shower.

First we headed out to Wancourt (yup it had a 't' in it) to take a look at the village before stumbling upon the Wancourt British Cemetery (GPS: N50.244630 E2.878093). Oddly enough, despite its title there were a number of Canadians buried there. We were able to find a few unnamed graves of the Suffolk Regiment of which the distant relative belonged to. After that we drove to the second village and took a few photos.

As it was now gone 10:00 and the Wellington Quarry would now be open, we made our way there as I wanted to buy a book the manager had shown me. On arrival, typically of course, I couldn't find the book anywhere and I had looked through them all twice. So with all that time and effort wasted we started making our way to Calais for our 17:55 sailing on one of Mr Peando's Multicoloured Ferryboats, where, as usual, we'll make the crossing without hearing one word of English spoken.

We had good intentions of using the 917 'A' road from Arras to Calais but as usual I became fed up with the hazards along the way and the lack of progress, so it was on to the toll road for a final rip-off totalling €12.40, cheap when compared to other days.

We've now arrived at the Cite Europe shopping complex next door to the le Shuttle Euro Tunnel terminal (GPS: N50.932880º E1.811049º). We've popped in to the Carrefour supermarket to stock up on a bit of rosé wine. Then it was off out again for a meal. Having now returned to the motorhome we've a couple of hours to wait before ambling down to the Port for our crossing.

So that's it then.

Nearly 6,000 miles travelled in ten weeks, some over the crappiest roads imaginable and I've no idea how many countries we passed through, some more than once.

Was it worth it? Well I have to say it was very testing at times, and often I could have just murdered a ciggie, but we survived both the journey and each other. I'm sure we annoy the hell out of each other at times, that's normal, but there's nobody other than my darling Chef, I could or would have made the journey with. Considering that for most of the time we only had each other for company I think we did pretty well. We've now spent six months out of the past nine and a half, living in this confined space together. First it was a month in Belgium and France, and then it was three months in Spain for the winter and now this little two-month jaunt.

We’ve agreed not to go on any more long trips until we’ve sorted out our garden at home by making it low maintenance so that we don’t let the neighbours down by having it look untidy with weeds etc due to our absence. The motorhome has also been in storage since we purchased it a couple of years ago and I am now very keen to get sorted so that it can live on our driveway instead.

We’re not going back to Southern Spain this winter as, although we don’t do very much at Christmas, what little we do, we missed, and so in future when we go that way we’ll set off at the end of December or beginning of January.

That makes the next likely trip France, Switzerland and Germany, early next summer, and we won’t mention ze voor.