6. Mar, 2017

The outside toilet?

6. Mar, 2017

The pizza oven?

5. Mar, 2017

SUNDAY 5-3-17

After a bad night's sleep I had to lie there and listen to somebody's motorhome start up and leave about 08:00.

We arose having slid open the blind on the roof vent above the bed, and confirmed that, as expected, there was far more cloud than there was sunshine.

I staggered out, dressing gown and flip-flops on and out in to the morning air. What a pleasant surprise, the vehicle which pulled out earlier belonged to the 'WoolverUmpton Town Crier'.

Scrubbed up I returned for two portions of mini bales of hay for breakfast followed by some lengthy typing to upload on to the blog regarding our day out yesterday, and which I didn't get done last night.

After a lunch consisting of toast in order to use up rather a lot of dried pieces of baguette, we headed for the Petanque pitches. On the way we bumped in to a couple who were on the coach with us yesterday and got chatting. This is their first winter down here in sunny Spain. Interestingly they had stayed at the first two campsites we stayed at down here two years ago. Following our month at Camping La Bella Vista about twelve miles from Gibraltar I gave the British owners of the campsite, based in the Lake District, what I thought was constructive feedback. Having talked the talk with me via emails they appear to have done nothing to rectify matters because here was another punter having a moan about those same issues.

Up to the Petanque pitches then, where we had a bit of a practice before returning down to the Reception area for a presentation on Fanzara a quiet village whose houses are covered in graffiti by 'artists' from around the world. Oh well our excursion there on Wednesday will be something to keep us occupied.

Also in the room were 'The Intellectuals', probably Guardian readers, who tried to ask what they thought were clever questions regarding how the annual influx of tourists had effected the villages economy, I reckon Wednesday could be a good day.

When we left the presentation I popped in to Reception next door to check on the weekly Wine Tasting session. It had been fully booked for today when I enquired and as it was scheduled for next Saturday, and we were available, I wanted to get our names down. Once I got in there I saw that they were planning a day trip to Valencia on the 16th March during their 'La Fallas' celebrations, and so we bought a couple of tickets. We may well go before then on the train but at least we can be sure of going once on the coach.

Then it was back to 'Base Camp' where I slipped in to my naughty nylon joggie bottoms for a comfortable session of slobbing around. I managed to finish my Guy Martin book 'Worms to Catch'.

Soon afterwards we watched a bit of BBC television live via the internet. It was the news channel and they were featuring a protest march about funding for the NHS. Now the simple fact is the NHS will never have enough money, medical procedures are advancing so rapidly that funding cannot keep pace. Add to that the problem of health tourists and the half-hearted attempts by grossly overpaid managers to chase payment from foreigners who fly in and get, due to our sloppy procedures, free health treatment before flying back home without paying.

Then add to that the uncontrolled mass immigration under Blair's government, with annual influx figures reaching 600,000 at its peak, then there's little wonder the service is on its knees.

This evening The Chef and I wandered down to the restaurant for our 19:00 Sunday Roast, accompanied with a carafe of house red. Very nice it was too, made even nicer by the couple on the table next to us leaving us the remains of their bottle of red as they left.

Tomorrow we have a few bits to do before taking our Petanque balls up to join the folk we met last time for a 14:00 session of fun and frolics.

I didn't take any photographs today and so instead will share two more from yesterday. Sagunto Castle's pizza oven and outside toilet (well I think that's what they were).

Tomorrow I will commence 'Benicassim Part 2' which will do us until we leave the campsite for our tour around Spain.

5. Mar, 2017
5. Mar, 2017