25. Feb, 2017


FRIDAY 24-2-17

We had a bit of a lie in this morning as it had rained from about 02:00. It always sounds worse that it really is. If you stood outside you would feel the spot of rain which landed on your head, but you wouldn't feel the spot which landed a few feet away from you.  Come inside and you hear both of them. This necessitated my having to wear a mac over my dressing gown on the way to the shower block, which fortunately is only a stone's throw away.

When it eventually stopped we decided to take a wander in to town wearing fleeces and long trousers as it was so much cooler. They have had a terrible winter down here in Spain this year, the worst for seventy years apparently. Fairly recently they had a huge storm here which trashed a number of campers awnings.

On the way out of the campsite The Chef booked us a table in the restaurant for Sunday Dinner at 19:00. I spoil her I really do.

The' Mercadona' supermarket across the road from the campsite has another branch at the other end of town and so we thought we'd take a look to see if they sold any different lines. This chain of supermarkets have been our favourite when travelling through Spain.

On the way back we passed another supermarket, which was shutting up shop. It, along with most businesses shut between 14:00 and 17:00, the hottest time of the day - siesta time. What a way to run a country, their economy has gone to the dogs and rather than get stuck in to turn things around they go home for a lie down.

As we passed Lidl The Chef wanted to pop in for a couple of bits, I also wanted to check out their non-food items in the hope they may have some cheap Induction hobs for sale. The Chef was lucky and I wasn't.

Back at the campsite we sat out for a while and had a read. I've now started a new book. I'm not much of a book reader. I'll read newspaper and magazine articles all day long, but not often books.

Now I don't do 'Hero's', not in the traditional sense, it's a grossly over-used word. I take nothing away from those individuals who display moments of gallantry, but for me the real heroes are those people who suffer pain and hardship every day of their lives with no likelihood of things ever improving, yet they get up and face yet another day with true courage and dignity.

In my many years spent in the emergency services I never ceased to be humbled by the courage and determination so many people demonstrate in their daily lives. During conversations with them I often sat there thinking 'Where do you get your courage and faith from? How do you manage to keep going despite all of that?' But they do, every day is a whole day of courage, not just a fleeting few minutes. Yet The Establishment doesn't give them a medal or a knighthood, these seem to be reserved for crooks and the grossly overpaid luvvies in show business. It makes my blood boil.

So no, I don't do 'Heroes' but I do have people for whom I have a high degree of admiration. One such character is Guy Martin, the lorry mechanic-cum TT motorbike racer-cum-world record chaser-cum- endurance race character. He's the most unassuming lad there is and I love watching his occasional TV programmes. Well The Chef bought me his latest book 'Worms To Catch' for Christmas, and it's the book I currently have my head in. It is far more entertaining than my last read 'Coalition' written by a boring politician about a group of boring politicians. It is now in the campsite library awaiting some unsuspecting bookworm.

We had to go in about 15:00 due to the coolness. Oh how we miss having an awning with us. Never mind we are hoping that as this trip progresses the temperature will get warmer and we won't have a need for one.

I, in particular, was trying to shed some weight over the Christmas period in preparation for our  'Norwegian Cruise' (my palms have started to sweat just thinking about it), therefore I set aside most of the lovely Christmassy food treats kindly bought by friends and family, as well as a few I had bought myself. We had decided that we would bring them with us on this trip and have the occasional treat at leisure.

That was one of the reasons I wanted to check out the other supermarkets today. Where am I going to find fresh double cream for my Christmas Pudding?