28. Feb, 2017


TUESDAY 28-2-17

We woke this morning to a cool and cloudy day. Still we can't grumble it was forecast so it's not as if we've been caught out by it.

We had decided to take a thirty minute bus ride south to Castellon today rather than sit about indoors, it being too cool to sit outside. The only other option was to attend the campsite's Tai Chi initiation session at 10:30. But standing around not doing much didn't appeal.

The bus stop is only a short walk from the campsite, and without a tourist map of Castellon or a bus time table we set off. Fortunately soon after our arrival at the bus stop, along came a bus, so that was really lucky.

The route goes along by the coast the whole way, never far from the beach front. The first large community is the port area. Because of the size of the place and the large number of shops it is all too easy to think you've arrived at your destination at this point and jump off the bus, but stay onboard, there's a few more miles to go to the city centre.

We went there a couple of years ago, it's a nice enough place. Fine for a nice wander around, better than hanging around the campsite. There are some nice public gardens, a large department store, interesting architecture and a bullring of all things, right in the town centre. It was here I touched lucky. The young security guard could see that I was trying to get a picture of the exterior as best I could with the little pocket camera, and very kindly offered to let us have a quick look around inside. This was a very pleasant surprise as we would never go to a bullfight, and so never expected to get an interior view of a bullring. A few quick pictures and it was a smile, a wave and a 'Gracias' as we left.

Then it was time for a bite to eat. We popped in to a small cafe and I had a very small (palm of the hand size) Hawaiian pizza, followed by our both having a very nice pastry and a coffee. The total cost for it - five Euro's, about four pounds at the moment. Now I call that value for money.

Soon afterwards business premises started to close up, it was nearly 14:00 and time for them all to go and have a nice lie down. After that there didn't seem much point in carrying on mooching around and so made our way to the bus stop. Again another bit of luck as a bus pulled in just as we approached the stop. Half an hour or so later we were back in Benicassim, not the campsite as we'd jumped off the bus a bit too soon, then it was in to the Mercadona supermarket for a baguette for tonight's meal.

The total spend today has been €11.90, so that's not too bad.

Our thoughts have been turning towards when we move on from here. We had thought that Easter was at the end of March and thought that we'd wait until that was out of the way before leaving here but now I see looking at the calendar that it isn't until mid April. Therefore I think we'll start looking at the weather further south in a couple of weeks time with a view to be moving on by the end of March at the latest. The sooner we move on, the more time we'll have for the touring element of the holiday, my favourite part. I think we both enjoy living on our wits more than being spoon-fed with facilities.

I continue to add to the list of 'Lessons Learned 2017' in preparation for our trip next year. God-willing we'll drive through Italy, across to Greece to do battle with those greasy tax-dodging Spiks again. I let them get under my skin last time, so next year I've got to take a deep breath and tolerate them, as it would be good to spend enough time there to see all of the interesting sights. We can then use ferries to get to Croatia rather than do battle with the Balkan states and their roads again.

That trip is likely to be the last one added to this blog, as by then there should be a bit of all sorts for anybody planning on doing something similar, but we'll see.

Last night's entertainment was the 'Only Fools & Horses' episode 'The Jolly Boys Outing' which I think was a Christmas Special. Soon a decision will have to be made as to how we entertain ourselves this evening. Fortunately Bingo was at 16:00 so we've missed that.