1. Mar, 2017



Sunshine and a blue sky this morning, as forecast, thank goodness.

As part of our 'must make an effort to participate in events on site this time' approach we attended the 12:00 Spanish language lesson. Now The Chef has been to numerous such classes in the past back home, but me, none. Now had this been the first lesson for everybody I might have stood a chance, but most of them had been going for weeks throughout the winter. Never mind I held my own on the bits I had to speak from the A4 conversation sheet. Needless to say I shall leave The Chef to go on her own in future. I feel that Spanish is a language best spoken by somebody with a speech impediment, preferable a lisp. Furthermore having sat on the bus all the way to Castellon loaded with Spanish women yesterday I have to conclude that they are born naturals to become auctioneers. They speak so rapidly and without pausing to draw breath they could do the old 'Who'll give me five- five-twenty-five and six and ...' without batting an eyelid.

After a late lunch we sat outside soaking up a bit of sunshine, though there was a bit of a cool breeze. Our Dutch next door neighbours have spent the day preparing to leave for home first thing tomorrow. Having declined their kind offer last week of the use of their spin dryer it is unlikely that we will be donated the dryer as they leave.

All has been quiet on the campsite today other than the yapping of mummy's little hairy rat. Herman wif der Husky has hardly been seen, and certainly not with anything of any substance in his hands, therefore I am unsure what he plans to do wif der sides or back of his motorhome, though I did take the opportunity to take a quick picture off der Husky as he laid there soaking up the sunshine.

Last night we entertained ourselves with some live British TV fed to us online. What a load of cobblers. You tend to forget how bad TV can be. To avoid it this evening we decided to go along to the restaurant and participate in the Quiz Night. We were a team of two taking on teams as large as ten. There were seventy questions covering all sorts of subjects. At the end, the maximum score available was something like 97. The winners had a score of something like 92½, those in third place had something like 88½! Then the question master started counting up from 80 to identify the team for the booby prize. Claimed by a team with 82½. So this put the three teams in our corner of the room, having scored in the low 60's firmly in our place - not even in the running for the booby prize. Never mind it was an enjoyable way to pass the evening.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.