8. Mar, 2017



Well, well, well, when the alarm clock goes off at the proper time of day it isn't nearly as dark outside.

Up, scrubbed and fed we made our way down to pick the bus up for our excursion to Fanzara. We didn't make as much effort to get down there in good time since nobody else seems to bother.

The journey took about an hour. Behind us sat a couple, in fact it was 'The Intellectuals'. Across from them sat our new German next door neighbour. She was coming on her own, her husband choosing to stay behind and enjoy himself.

On the journey they got chatting between them. 'Mr Intellectual' and his wife got on to Brexit and proceeded to slag off those who voted to leave. I sat there fuming. I was so close to getting up on my seat, turning and giving them both barrels. They are perfectly entitled to their opinions, as are we all, that's democracy, but firstly they shouldn't be discussing such things so publically and secondly they have no right to insult those with a different opinion.

When we got off the bus I told The Chef how I felt and that I'd said nothing because I didn't want to cause an atmosphere on the coach and spoil peoples day out, but if they carried on in the same way on the return journey I was going to sort them out. The problem with these self-important people is that their opinions become blurred with facts, their opinions then become the facts, and anybody who doesn't agree with them is clearly a fool. The only comfort we can take at the moment is that all of the experts have been wrong and the UK economy continues to grow with lots of inward investment. I think the UK is moving in to a really exciting time in its history, scary, but exciting, and that's how life itself should be lived if possible. I hope the younger generation embrace it and give it their best shot, it's a great opportunity for them all.

Well there we were then in Fanzana to view the paintings on the sides of houses www.miaufanzara.org . Every year artists come in July and add or change the current collection.

First we sat through a presentation, supported by videos and photographs. Our guide didn't speak anything other than Spanish, so he spoke in Spanish, then our tour organiser from the campsite translated in to English, then French, then German. It was like sitting in the audience of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Then it was time for our guided tour around the village, viewing most of the paintings. After that we had free time until the bus left at 15:00.

Most people went for traditional Spanish food but we didn't bother and instead carried on looking around the perimeter of the village.

By the time it came to leave we were the only two sat on the coach, the rest turned up ten minutes later with no apology of course.

Fortunately for my fellow travellers the bus driver had put on fairly loud Spanish music for the return journey, which killed conversation, thus my getting the opportunity to put the case for the defence with Mr and Mrs Intellectual. But their cards are marked. That's two days on the trot people have annoyed me.

I continue to have a love/hate relationship with 'Simplesites', the people who host this blog. My latest spat with them is regarding the layout where visitors to the site have to keep clicking on 'Newer' and 'Older' to view trip entries. Their reply was of little help. I could try redesigning it but I'm not in a good place, if I make a complete mess of it and lose it. I'm going to have to wait until we get home to sort it all out if possible. Sorry about in inconvenience in the meantime.

This evening The Chef and I wandered down to the restaurant armed with a bit of cash and a pen, for tonight was Quiz Night. By the time we arrived they'd all got themselves organised in to their cliques, leaving us to fend for ourselves as a team of two. Never mind, we scored half a point less than last week, so we're not exactly progressing but we could be in line for the booby prize before we leave here.

I'm looking forward to bedtime I didn't sleep well last night, I think I was wound up about being ripped off yesterday. Whilst lying there I came up with a way of getting revenge on the restaurant but I will have to run it past The Chef tomorrow to see how she feels about it.