15. Mar, 2017



We awoke to a sunny day, but with a cool, keen breeze. I had thought yesterday that we'd go for a bike ride this morning, but I could tell that The Chef was being drawn to the 14:00 Petanque session like a moth to a light bulb. Besides it would have been harder work than it needed to be biking against the wind, and I would have felt compelled to hurry back for 14:00.

I skipped my mini hay bales, otherwise known as Weetabix, for breakfast and settled for devouring two fresh oranges. We need to keep munching away at them before they go mouldy. We've decided not to buy them in bulk in future.

This morning's activity was a nice walk down the promenade towards the town and then down the 'High Street'. I needed to draw some cash out as I wanted to buy the Irish couple next door some wine as a combined 'Thank you' and 'Sorry' for the loan and breaking of the chairs yesterday.

With money in my pocket, which is a treat, I don't usually carry my wallet with me locally. I'm not sexist and am quite happy for it to be The Chef who gets mugged.

In to the Chinese Shop where we bought two packs of three bulldog clips, a total of €2, so that wasn't too bad. We intend using them to clip the plastic table cloth to the outside dining/kitchen table in the event of it raining. This will then allow us to wind in the awning and still keep the table from getting wet and perhaps rotting.

On the way back we popped in to the Mercadona supermarket opposite the campsite where I bought two decent bottles of red wine, one even had a security tag on it, so I hope they enjoy drinking it. The Chef bought a baguette and half a dozen eggs. She was also most impressed that I was buying wine for others and none for myself. That's because I've decided to cut down on my wine consumption. I intend to have a small can of beer with a meal or sat out in the sunshine instead.

I checked in the skip area outside the shower block and could not find the neighbours broken chair. Maybe the Gorilla Glue had done its job and they'd put it in the rear garage of their motorhome for future use.  Was I about to part with two good bottles of wine for nothing? 'Be brave' I thought - 'You can do it, take a deep breath smile and thank them'. Job done I feel better now, and they were very pleased with the wine, telling me yet again that I hadn't needed to, but you can't go around breaking peoples chairs without trying to make matters right.

Lunch was a nice crusty baguette filled with ham and tomato, washed down with a nice cold can of beer.

We were among the first to arrive at the Petanque pitches, maybe the others spotted us there and hid, hoping we'd get fed up and leave, giving them all a better chance of being on a winning side.

It ended up with The Chef and I playing against each other, with one other as partners. We didn't have a bad afternoon really, but didn't stay too long as lots of other, more serious players turned up later and were looking for a game.

Following that it was the cookery demonstration hosted by the two animation girls, who showed that it is possible to cook apple fritters without bringing half the ingredients along with you and needing to pop to the supermarket across the road to get them, whilst at the same time blagging it. All good fun and we get to sample the finished food.

Back for a nice sit down and read in the sunshine, saving our energy for tonight's 'Quiz Night'. No doubt we shall be a team of two again, but who knows. There have been a lot of people in transit this week so maybe some of the cliques are breaking up and we could get invited to join others. They may well regret it by the end of the evening, but this is the last Quiz Night of the season. The couple who run them are heading back to the UK next Wednesday.

There's been more than just a touch of 'Hi-De-Hi Campers' about today.

Our evening meal was to be a pack of Waitrose Sautéed Potato & Bacon, baked beans, and a fried egg, plus the remainder of the baguette from lunch.

So there was my beloved Chef adding the ingredients to the frying pan outside on the large table. Then it came to adding the eggs. One was left from the previous pack and it was to be joined by one from the pack purchased today. CRACK! In went the egg from the previous pack of six, then it was tap, tap, TAP on the edge of the frying pan with the new egg. TAP, CRACK!  She now had two halves of a BOILED egg in her hand. Yup they actually sell boxes of boiled eggs here. Well that's something we've learned today.

Then it was down to the restaurant/social area for Quiz Night. We fully expected to be a team of two, but another couple, just like us, were looking  for somewhere to sit, and in the end we finished up with four chairs from the outside eating area, and sat them by the bar. Now we were a team of four. We ended up having a really good laugh, and didn't do too badly as far as our score was concerned, though not of course good enough to win.

What rubbed salt in to the wounds was that our very nice Irish neighbours team came third, and given that it was a cash prize, could now afford to buy their own wine.

Tomorrow we are off on an excursion to Valencia.