28. Nov, 2018


On each of their graves was a wreath laid by Theresa May who had visited a few days before we arrived, accompanied of course by the press for a photo opportunity along with that short-arse, President Emmanuel Macron of France.

Having driven through Mons to reach the cemetery we’d decided it wasn’t worthy of a visit, and so, after lunch in the cemetery car park we set off for Arras in France. There’s an Aire there and we were lucky enough to bag a space for a couple of free nights (GPS: N50.294366 E2.788021).

When we left Arras we drove to Wancourt Military Cemetery, about five miles away. There I laid the wreath I’d bought with me. I was planning to lay it at Bedford House Military Cemetery in Ypres, but that never quite worked out. I was pleased I laid it in Wancourt. Firstly because family members in Australia have a grandfather who died in this area at the Battle of Arras with no known grave, and secondly because there was only one other wreath in the cemetery and that was from the French. The cemetery was actually closed because it was very squelchy underfoot, but we can’t have Johnny Foreigner telling us where we can and can’t go, now can we?