A crew bus, used to take bomber crews out to their aircraft. It is the only one left in the world.

A 'Queen Mary' aircraft transporter

The Dakota

An 8,000lb bomb

The Dambusters bouncing bomb

A Canberra bomber cockpit (a very cramped space for three people)

The Mosquito

Lancaster 'Just Jane'

FRIDAY 26-4-19

Well that was a peaceful night, and all for free. We’d established that they did breakfasts over at the museum’s cafe and so once we were scrubbed up we wandered over for a cooked breakfast which was a bit of a treat as we don’t usually have such a filling start to the day.

Once fed I popped back to the motorhome to pick up my cameras and a coat before commencing our walk around the museum www.lincsaviation.co.uk . (£8 for seniors).

First we went in to the hanger to see not only ‘Just Jane’ the Lancaster bomber in which for the sum of about £300 members of the public can have a taxi ride. This is only on selected days throughout the summer, and there is something like an 18 month waiting list. It is hoped that eventually the aircraft will achieve airworthiness, the huge costs funded by the income from the taxi rides and museum profits.

A pleasant surprise was seeing a privately owned Mosquito aircraft still undergoing refurbishment by its owner. As a night-fighter variant it is now the only one of its kind in the world.

After looking at those and lots of other interesting displays in the hanger we made our way outside for a look at the Dakota aircraft and all the other displays in the various outbuildings.

After an interesting morning at the museum we headed back to the motorhome for lunch before hitting the road heading for the Blue Bell pub at Helpston, just north of Peterborough a Britstop establishment where we could park for free all night and would meet a former colleague, Mark and his wife Michele for a meal before spending the night in the car park.

The cunning plan was to then head to the National Motorhome Show at the Peterborough Showground for a look round and to take a few photos before heading home. However the weather forecast for Saturday was for rain and strong winds so we decided to scrub that idea and head straight home in the morning.

On the way home Saturday I managed to tick a big box by refilling the motorhome with LPG at a fuel station. Up until now I had always had it done for me at various establishments, but Morrisons supermarket petrol stations have LPG pumps and as long as you use the correct connections they let you refill your tanks which is a very helpful and mature attitude. Most other petrol stations have removed their LPG pumps altogether.

We arrived back home by midday on Saturday ready to start the cleaning and preparation for our next short break, as well as making a start on my thankfully short list of bits to sort or repair.