King John's tomb

A model of Worcester Cathedral


Local lad Edward Elgar

The River Severn at Worcester

Local almshouses


This morning we were up in good time to scrub up in the campsite toilet block. As expected they were both immaculately clean and empty.

The bus stop was only about 400 yards from the campsite. We had to make sure we caught the 09:35 bus otherwise we’d have to wait until late morning for the next one. The journey was just thirty minutes, and free, thanks to our bus passes.

Worcester is like so many other towns and cities these days – full of nation chains of shops and coffee shops, though there were a large number of small independents selling things that were a bit more unusual.

To help fill the day up we took a look around Worcester Cathedral Again, it was a bit dark inside due to the colour of the stone. Within the cathedral is the tomb of King John. It was nice to see groups of young schoolchildren visiting, and being told about the relationship between King John and Robin Hood.

Whilst taking a walk down the ‘High Street’ I bought some lime flavoured sweets in the ‘Mr Tibbs’ sweetshop. We used to have a branch in our High St back home but due to the drop in footfall, closed last year. The drop in footfall is probably due to the fact that most of the High St is now charity shops. I think the local council are trying to create the UK’s first under-cover, all weather surfaced car boot sale where second hand tat can be bought all year round.

Lunch was a pasty which was only just about warm rather than hot and a nice cup of coffee. This was eaten sat on a bench watching the world go by.

Then we had another wander around the shops where I bought a beany hat in M&S in preparation for next year's extended tour of Spain starting in March, where I think it's going to be pretty hot towards the latter stages.

By then we felt we’d ‘done’ Worcester and made our way 'home' on the 15:00 bus, as the next one wasn't due for a couple of hours.

On our return to the campsite we popped in to Reception and established that we could get to Lovell's Vineyard tomorrow on the bus which will be a boon as we won't have to up sticks and use the motorhome as transport.

We had more neighbours when we reached the camping field, probably arriving for the Malvern Show at the Three Counties Showground which is only a few miles away.

So we settled down for a wet evening indoors watching TV. It seems ‘Boris the Clown’ has done very well in the first poll of the Tory leadership contest. It’s a bit scary to think he could have his finger on the nuclear button. I just hope the button isn’t surrounded by short curly hair, because you just know he won’t be able to leave it alone.