2. Mar, 2020


SATURDAY 29-2-20

We were away from home at 08:30 heading for the Eurotunnel at Ashford. We find it so much easier to use than the P&O cross-channel ferries. Last winter we had planned to use the Brittany Ferries boat from Portsmouth to Bilbao, but it was cancelled at short notice due to the weather, and that forced us to drive all the way down to Spain, so this time I thought I'd beat them to it and decided to drive down voluntarily.

I'm so glad we took the shuttle as it must have been very rough in the English Channel above given the wind and rain we've had over past few days. It was necessary for us to change our crossing time. Normally we cross late in the evening and then spend the night parked in the allocated motorhome parking area at Citi Europe right next to the Calais Eurotunnel complex. But unfortunately it now has restricted motorhome access to between 08:30 and 22:00, thus banning overnight parking. Apparently they were approached by the authorities requesting this because a number of illegal migrants had been found hanging on to, or hidden on, or in, motorhomes. So because some people weren't cautious enough in checking their vehicles before setting off we all have to suffer. I always checked around ours, and when I approached check-in I would hit the brakes. The theory being that if anyone was hiding on the roof they would fly forward and land on the bonnet.

We crossed at 12:20, arriving thirty-five minutes later and having popped in to Citi Europe for a few bits of shopping we hit the road. What with the bad weather and the early start it's been a long day and so we settled for about one hundred miles of travelling and our now parked for the night at a Truckstop about fifteen miles east of Rouen. My thinking is that as HGV's are banned from the roads on Sundays it will be easier to make our way across country to Chartres and then on to Vierzon and Clermont Ferrand tomorrow.

The cause of our waste water blockage at the end of the last trip remains a mystery, nothing untoward came out of the grey water tank after a dosing with Mr Muscle drain cleaner. I think it must have been soap and small pieces of grit which held together in the pipes. Unfortunately bits of grit can get down there and so we now keep both shower tray drain plugs in place until they are required.

Ironically my brother Richard and his wife Sue are due to arrive back in the UK today having spent five weeks or more over in Australia - motorhoming! And they seem to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, so much so they're planning on going out there again for another adventure next year. They are also having holiday in Denia, Spain in March and we should be able to drop by and pay them a visit and have a catch up as we pass by.

I see The Ginger Whinger is back in the UK, soon to be joined by his wife, Megan MeMe for a last few royal commitments having skipped the country to live in Canada surviving only on papa’s multi-million pound annual pocket money contribution, his own multi-million pound inheritance from his mum (which was his dad's money before the divorce settlement) and Megan’s millions made from her acting career. The silly lad is soon going to learn that money doesn't make you happy. In the meantime I have no doubt their 24/7 protection will continue to be paid for by the long-suffering British taxpayer.

Thankfully The Queen has banned them from using the ‘Sussex Royal’ brand which means they’ve now probably got a garage full of printed ‘Sussex Royal’ mugs, 'T' shirts and tea towels on their hands. Never mind, maybe they can spend a few Sundays at a Vancouver car boot sale to get rid of them before going on to make money boring paying audiences to listen to their tales of woe with subjects like ‘Did I Mention I Lost My Mother At A Young Age?’, or ‘It’s Good To Talk About Mental Health – Especially When People Pay Good Money To Listen’, and the big one I think would be ‘Mental Health Made Me What I Am'.

I assumed Harry will become a modern stay-at-home dad to son Archie while his wife continues her showbiz career following their shameless pitch to Bob Iger, who was until days ago, the CEO of the Disney Corporation, caught on camera at a recent social function pitching for voiceover work.

Well judging by the picture, it looks as if Bob went the extra mile and found them a job they can enjoy together, keeping in the public eye yet free of press intrusion.

I think they have behaved very selfishly and do not intend to mention them again.

Unfortunately tonight we have no internet connection. The Chef has her own MiFi unit now, but between us both we just can't in to the system. We can try again in the morning before heading off across country.