2. Mar, 2020


SUNDAY 01-3-20

Well it wasn't a bad night I suppose. We had a lorry park up in a bay fairly close to us which ran its refrigeration unit all night, but at least it was a constant low key noise as opposed to a loud clattering one which comes on intermittently throughout the night, so that was bearable.

After scrubbing up and a quick breakfast we hit the road. My word what a wet and windy day. Even the overhead gantries on the toll roads warned of severe winds. After having lunch in the Orleans area the weather got worse and I spent the afternoon fighting the steering wheel as the wind continued to gust. For some strange reason there have been loads and loads of motorhomes going in the opposite direction, many of them giving us the 'Billy No Mates' wave. Why they do it I have no idea. Back home we drive a Renault Megane, but I sure as hell don't go along waving at all Renault Megane owners.

Tonight we are parked up at a Truckstop about twenty miles north of Clermont Ferrand bagging a few car parking spaces in a quiet spot rather than the HGV spaces which are all full. The theory being that the weather would be even worse if we spent it at CF at a higher altitude. So tomorrow we will set out for a Truckstop just down the road from Carcassonne having enjoyed yet another dramatic crossing of the Millau Bridge.

So a short posting today, mainly because not much happened and I can't upload it anyway, so I think having enjoyed another culinary masterpiece from The Chef this evening I shall continue to try and sort out our internet problem. In future I think we need to travel with a ten year old who would simply go click-click-click and the problem would be sorted.