4. Mar, 2020



I'm so glad we came off the road yesterday when we did because the car parks became completely stuffed with HGV's.They we triple parked as well as across  most of the allocated car parking spaces. I suppose there just aren't enough spaces for them along these routes as the Truckstops in Spain are nothing like as big as they are in France.

Last night's DVD entertainment was 'Shaun the Sheep - The Movie' this was my way of introducing The Chef to Shaun as she has agreed to watch the latest movie 'Farmagedon' which we also happen to have onboard. This was a vast improvement on the previous night when we realised I had packed the wrong DVD's for 'Blacklist'. I had forgotten we'd watched series 4 on the last trip and have bought it away with us again rather than series 5, so that's six DVD spaces taken up in the 96-disc pouch we have with us. Never mind there's plenty to keep us entertained when we're stuck indoors.

We had a surprise this morning when we heard a jet roar past. I had not realised that we'd parked on the Truckstop right next to Girona's airport. It was the only jet we heard during our whole stay so it's obviously not a busy airport.

It didn't take us too long to get to this our next stop - Camping Barcelona www.campingbarcelona.com (N41.550617˚ E2.483494˚). From here at its location near Matarό, the plan is to travel in to Barcelona itself for a visit. With the ACSI discount card it's twenty-one Euros a night which isn't bad, and they have made a real effort to accommodate campers needs.

We've a decent pitch with a sea view which is close by. The only problem is that there's a road and railway line between us and the beach. To top it all, the path to get to the underpass to the beach is along a railway track. You certainly wouldn't get that with Network Rail, but this is Spain and they do things differently.

Afterwards we took advantage of the free shuttle bus in to Matarό itself for a look round and to kill a bit of time. It's nothing special at all, just the real Spain and we were back on the shuttle an hour later.

Fortunately this afternoon has proved just about sunny and warm enough to have the habitation door open. This has the added benefit of allowing us to view various campers walking through our pitch to reach the toilet block. There is a pathway on the edge of the site for that purpose but these are Germans we're talking about.

It looks as if we'll be staying here longer than planned as we now have a problem we need to sort out - more of that tomorrow I guess when we know what's going on.

In the meantime it looks as if the coronavirus is spreading back home which is also effecting the currency exchange rate. We had high hopes of the pound remaining at it's new high - about €1.19, but it's slipping now, down to about €1.15, before long we'll be back to the bad old days of the last trip when it dropped to about €1.08, all of which makes a big difference to our spending power. Never mind, right now that's the least of our problems.