5. Mar, 2020


Exactly a week earlier, at 08:00 on yet another wet Sunday morning, an Asian nurse with a young family left Addenbrookes Hospital on the other side of Cambridge having finished a night shift, and was making her way home to a Fenland village. Her route would have taken her along the same stretch of the A10 - but she never arrived home. Naturally there was huge concern for her safety.

I have to assume that a bobby back at the police station put two and two together -  two wet Sunday mornings, same time of day, I wonder if....................?

On the opposite side of the road at that accident location is a deep lake, the remnants of past sand quarrying. So the Police put a team of divers in to the lake and there it was – a Volvo estate car with the poor nurses body inside (the lakes edge is now very overgrown). She’d obviously left the road at that point, but instead of ending up in the layby, she continued straight on and in to the lake. Within three weeks a steel crash barrier was installed on that bend, and to this day I still get a shudder down my spine every time I pass that location.