14. Mar, 2020


SATURDAY 14-03-20

Well ............ what a difference a day makes. This morning we made an early start so that we could get all of our chores done ready to move off to Denia tomorrow but later in the day the Spanish Government decided to lock down Catalonia which is where we are, so I guess that would mean we could leave but couldn't come back. So we decided that we would sit it out here at Bonterra Park for a couple of weeks to see how it went, and maybe we could then head south. I had already mentally amended this part of the trip to leave out numerous destinations along the coast including Benidorm which has closed all its bars and restaurants, meaning no more all-day full English breakfasts, and the Drag-Fags are going to have to make a living some other way. Bottoms Up! We were now to head for the marina at La Linea, just this side of the border with Gibraltar, but then their government go and announce that Gibraltar are introducing restrictions so we couldn't be sure of being allowed across the border, and if we were, would the Spanish let us back in?

By late afternoon the Spanish Government announced that they would close their borders at 08:00 on Monday, so after some deliberation we felt we just couldn't take the risk. Given the rate of infection over here there would be no knowing how long we could be stuck on this campsite waiting to either move south, or go home. So very reluctantly we have decided to about-turn and head for home first thing in the morning. This will give us twenty-four hours to get out of Spain. We'll go online and book a tunnel crossing nearer the time. I'm guessing it will take us three or four days to make the trip.

I have no beef with the Spanish Government. Although I was confident I could keep us protected from the skanky Spaniards,they are moving very decisively to reduce the spread of the virus. It's a shame 'Boris the Clown' isn't doing the same. He seems to be preparing everyone to lose family members, especially the elderly ones who continue to bed block in hospitals, be a huge drain on the Social Care budget and are living in houses desperately needed by young families because the Governement allowed immigrants to enter the country faster than they could built houses for them. A think a jolly good cull of the oldies could be a real vote winner for our Boris.

On reflection making our way home is preferable to following in the footsteps of hundreds of Hindus in Delhi who held a cow urine drinking party in the belief it has the medicinal properties to fight coronavirus.