16. Mar, 2020


MONDAY 16-03-20

I quite like Christmas fare and so bought with me a Waitrose iced rich fruitcake slab and a Christmas pudding. Unfortunately due to the curtailment of this trip the Christmas pudding will be going home with me, but last night I finished off the fruit cake which probably explains why I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. The Chef didn't either, but she'll have her own excuse.

We did end up moving the vehicle later in the evening as it was a bit too noisy being near the car parking area. I found a nice little spot over by the HGV's and we had a lovely quiet night.

We made some progress on our journey home having now parked up on a Truckstop south of Orleans for the night. This will leave us in a good position tomorrow to make the cross-country part of the route via Chartres/Dreaux/Evreaux/Rouen.

At the start of today's journey the roads were almost deserted save for a few HGV's and cars. It was such a delight not having to continually study my wing mirrors to see when the next speedster would come hurtling past me. Once we reached Clermont Ferrand, having travelled up and down through the magnificent Massif Central, the roads became noticeably busier, but still quieter than usual. This was a great help as I was able to keep my speed down with a subsequent improvement in the day's fuel economy. It's looking now as if we can book a crossing for late Wednesday as I expect to be fairly close to Calais by tomorrow night.

It seems the Governments inspirational idea of isolating all those over the age of seventy for a period of four months, probably suggested by Baldy Cummings the man with the hands that pulls the strings, is getting a bit of second thought as they realise just how stupid it really is. If they really want to isolate us then why not have allocated shopping and socialising hours for the elderly, like perhaps 12:00 to 15:00 Monday to Friday, so we're back home before the kids are out of school and families have everywhere to themselves at weekends? Anyhow I'm sure Boris the Clown's box of 'experts' will come up with lots more 'on the hoof' mad cap ideas to run past us as things progress.

Most reassuring of all is that ISIS of all people have declared that Europe is too dangerous for them to go to, which about says it all really.

So as our nation faces a worrying time, and the elderly particularly, having to confront their own mortality, where's Justin Welby, our Archbishop of Canterbury? A man who has recently said that loving, long-term couples in civil partnerships should not have sex. The Bishops have decreed that those in such legal and publicly declared unions should remain celibate. Only those who have entered into a proper, formal marriage should be entitled to procreate.

Such hypocrisy coming from an Establishment which has unmarried vicars shagging and running off with parishioner’s wives, whilst at the same time protecting and covering up the crimes of perverts like Father Peter Ball who sexually abused novice monks over many years. A man whose favourite dog collar was probably made of leather and had a chain attached. I’ve no doubt there’s still a lot more undisclosed ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ being conducted within the church. 

Justin Welby incidentally is the same man who denounced the evils of payday lenders, only to have it pointed out to him afterwards that the Church Commission held a large number of shares in Wonga, one of the largest payday lending companies.

Perhaps Welby should just retire and write his memoirs. I’ve a suggestion for the book’s title – ‘The Irrelevant Reverend’.

I have been following the worrying spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 around the world and can't help noticing how few confirmed cases there have been in India, just 123 confirmed cases and 2 deaths. A nation I would have put money on being one of those which would suffer the most, given the overpopulation and appalling living conditions of the poor. Maybe there's something about their lifestyle that Covid-19 doesn't like, and if so then as soon as we get home I'm off to wash our laundry down on the banks of the Great Ouse, then dig a hole in the back garden and use it by crouching over it whilst balancing a tray of poppadoms on my head.

This afternoon I have ordered two five-litre containers of G101 which will be delivered soon after we arrive home.