1. Sep, 2020


The original All Saints Church in Burnham Thorpe dates back to the 13th century. When restoration of the church began in 1890, and completed in time for the centenary of Trafalgar (1905) the Admiralty donated wood from HMS Victory to the church, from which the lectern, altar and rood screen were made. The graves of Nelson's mother and father are situated on the north side of the church chancel; a brother and sister are buried in the churchyard.

Flags flown by HMS Indomitable at the Battle of Jutland, and by HMS Nelson during World War II, are in the nave. On the west wall is HMS Nelson’s ship's crest, carried aboard throughout WWII. It was presented to the church in 1955 to mark the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Beside it is a framed copy of the page in the church registry recording Horatio Nelson's baptism on 6 October 1758.

Beneath it are copies from the registry for two marriages, one in 1768 and the other in 1769, with Horatio Nelson's signature as a witness. Nearby, just inside the north door, is a framed copy of a newspaper report on Nelson's state funeral in London, with a drawing of the ornate hearse specially constructed for the occasion.

The church also has the unique right to fly the white ensign flag from its tower.

Our thanks must go to Rev Steve Wood, who gave us access to the church on a day when it is normally closed for cleaning.