3. Sep, 2020


THURSDAY 3-09-20

We spent much of the night listening to the rain beating down on the roof. I don't mind that too much as it makes our little home on wheels seem nice and snug. What wasn't fun though, was that it continued to rain all morning. So much for our planned walk along the beach with lunch at the other end.

We spent some of the morning watching television. I have to say if I was unemployed, being stuck indoors watching daytime TV would certainly spur me on to find a job. The news programmes were equally boring, there really doesn't seem to be much going on in the world right now, other than the coronavirus pandemic. It looks as if Donald Trump is encouraging his supporters to vote twice in the forthcoming Presidential elections, just to test the postal voting system out you understand, nothing to do with a man desperate to win a second term, even if it means cheating.

Meanwhile the Germans have announced that Alexei Naveley, an arch opponent of  President Putin of Russia was definitely poisoned with Novichok, a nerve agent manufactured exclusively by the Russians and used in Salisbury in an attempt to kill a former spy a couple of years ago. I do feel sorry for the Russian people. They became free of communism, only to have it replaced by a dictatorship lead by someone who is nothing more than a gangster. So crooked, he's changed the rules allowing himself to remain in power for pretty much as long has he likes, or perhaps just until the stockpile of Novichok runs out.

Lunch was spent indoors before the skies showed some sign of clearing, and so we were out and off down the North Norfolk Trail, which runs right past the campsite, and which we didn't know existed until we left the back entrance to the site intending to take a shortcut through the pinewoods to the beach. Walking along the trail was much easier than trudging across the sand I have to say. It took us about an hour to reach the edge of Holkham beach. This is where the final scene of 'Shakespeare in Love' was filmed when Gwyneth Paltrow is seen walking across a wide open beach having left the UK for a new home.

Somewhere close by there's a summer camp used by the army's  Household Cavalry Regiment. Once all of the summer seasons formal royal commitments have been completed, the horses are rewarded with a holiday here. During the summer you'll see the soldiers riding the horses along the beach and taking them for a dip in the sea.

For us though it was the long walk back along what is a vast beach, it is difficult to convey just how big it really is at low tide, which is when we were down there. Eventually the beach huts at Wells came in to view. Despite them being glorified garden sheds on stilts, they can sell for as much money as a brick built house. Complete madness of course, but if people choose to spend their money that way, good luck to them.

This evening has turned out quite sunny, though there's a stiff breeze to say the least. The Chef and I are about to enjoy a nice chicken curry before settling down to watch a bit of TV. Tomorrow we plan to walk along the coast in the opposite direction, which will be new territory for us.