1. Nov, 2020


Today has been another annoying and frustrating day regarding social distancing. People are just carrying on as if nothing is happening. They seem to think that just because they're outdoors there is an invisible ring of protection around them, that they're quite safe. How wrong they are, they're safer but not safe. We've had to continually dodge people and put our masks on when the volume of people started to feel uncomfortable, and that was often.

On our arrival back at the campsite I had a bit of ironing to do, before putting bits away ready to move on tomorrow followed by about eight walks down to the fresh water tap with my ten-litre watering can, to top our tank up ready for a nice hot shower in the morning.

When we leave  here we really are winging it. Up until this point we had booked campsites ahead, but I didn't want to commit to anything beyond this date.

I'll start a new 'chapter' tomorrow and call it 'To The Broads', though that may have to change as I've no idea how it will all work out.

Fingers crossed from tomorrow.