15. Sep, 2020


Which brings us back to today.

Our first stop was to St Mary’s churchyard, Carleton Manor, Norfolk (GPS: N52.572069º E1.215950º) where I laid some flowers on Colin Chapman's grave - a real legend. Then we were off to the new 'Classic Team Lotus' workshops, built right next to their old premises and very nice it looked too. They still do the workshop tours, but I believe they are even better now, as they have all the cars they are responsible for maintaining on display rather than held in storage. After a quick phone call to be let in I had a look around their small shop and purchased a book about Jim Clark. I felt I should buy something after the trouble they'd gone to in letting me in. Last time I was there I bought a green 'Lotus' baseball cap as a souvenir, but like most souvenirs, I'd feel like a dick wearing it, so I wanted to avoid a repetition. That done we were off down the road to take a quick picture of the front of the Lotus Cars factory. There is an awful lot of new building going on at the factory with extensions going up everywhere. Apparently the company is now ultimately owned by a business in China, just typical of how we continue to sell our crown jewels of business. So I suppose we have to keep an eye out for their new model aimed at the super-rich of China - the 'Lotus Blossom'

Hethel airfield was an USAAF American B24 Liberator base during the war and there is a museum dedicated to it just down the road.

389th Memorial Exhibition: (GPS: N52.561497º E1.88806º)


Well, as we discovered, it is down the road, but it's shut until further notice due to the pandemic, they'd even blocked the access road. Damn and blast, I was hoping to get permission to park outside of it tonight in return for a decent donation. But no, we were back on the road looking for somewhere to park up for the night.