9. Sep, 2020


WEDNESDAY  9-09-20

Today was time to move on. We were to make our way inland starting off at Aylsham.  I had intended to dump the grey water on our pitch rather than dispose of it on the edge of the pitch, but I felt that it would have been a selfish thing to do for the next camper, and so I did it the hard way yet again, and disposed of it using a collapsible bucket.

With a full tank of fresh water, since I expected us to be 'wild camping' for a couple of nights or so, we set off for Aylsham, only because it's supposed  to be a rather nice place, and just happens to be the start of the Bure Valley Railway, a narrow gauge railway which runs from Aylsham to Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads. I hasten to add I had no intension of persuading The Chef to take a trip as she was subjected to a railway journey only yesterday.

First stop was Aylsham's branch of Tesco's where The Chef topped up our supplies. Then it was off to check out an area of potential parking/overnight camping, which I had spotted on Google maps.  Although it had looked like a large parking area, sadly it turned out to be the extensive outdoor sales area for an auctioneers business. Bugger.

There was nowhere else suitable to park a motorhome and so we made for our next intended destination - Wroxham, in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. I punched the co-ordinates of a public car park I had identified next to the water and off we went. Unfortunately because we were journeying there via Aylsham rather than Sheringham, we sat and enjoyed a tour of the outskirts of Norwich including, in fairness, due to outdated mapping, a ride on a new road running down the side of Norwich Airport, passing on the other side of the road the City of Norwich Aviation Museum, a collection of aircraft which look pretty scruffy and just one small step away from the scrap yard. After a 'U' turn at the first available roundabout we got back on course to continue our unplanned tour of Norwich's suburbs.

On our eventual arrival at the car park at Wroxham we decided to have lunch. To use the time productively I thought I'd try booking a couple of campsites, having grudgingly excepted that everywhere is just so incredibly busy we needed to make a plan. The first setback was when I discovered that we had parked in God's crutch, and there was no internet connection so that I could make online bookings. No matter, I'd use the phone. Well I could have if I had a strong mobile phone signal. Halfway through making a booking with the Caravan & Motorhome Club  on the phone I lost the signal. So where did that leave me. Had I made the booking or not?

Back on the road again heading towards Ludham. We already knew the campsite there was fully booked but at least we were heading in the right sort of direction. As we passed through the heart of Wroxham we were amazed at how busy it was. All the car parks were rammed full and there were people everywhere. Little wonder we were finding it difficult to find a vacancy.

Travelling down the A1062  we arrived at Ludham and found a layby to pull in to. The campsite, almost across the road was my chosen campsite for our trip but we had established earlier that it was fully booked, like most other places, until the end of September.

After phoning all local campsites who informed me they were full, I managed to contact the Caravan & Motorhome Club (CMC)  and book a couple of nights at their site at Great Yarmouth. Unfortunately the availability of the site left us with a whole four nights 'homeless'. I had run  out of answers and suggested that we take a steady ride towards the coast and hope we came across a campsite, any campsite, with a vacancy along the way.

Fortunately we came across  Whitehouse Campsite near Potter Heigham Bridge (GPS: N52.704967° E1.584890°). 'Taint nuthin fancy honey, but it'll have to do'.

We're here for three days, and just down the road is the River Thurne, at Potter Heigham, and we'll be checking that out tomorrow.

For this particular trip I did a lot of research (not that you can tell) and have blurbs and pictures covering places we were to visit. Rather than let them go to waste I'll share bits with you after this should it prove to be of interest.

Tomorrow is another day.........

PS. Last night the blog passed 400,000 visits (bottom right of the page) which is quite remarkable. My thanks to all those who show an interest.