10. Sep, 2020


THURSDAY 10-09-20

Well it was a quiet night, right up until about 06:30 when the locals hit the streets, driving to who knows where. Maybe to open their whelk stalls and ice cream parlours on the coast.

Fortunately the site owner was right, and we did indeed get lots of sunshine on our pitch this morning, having been concerned yesterday because we sat in complete shade, creating a cool environment.

We had not intended to commit ourselves to a four-night stay, but were concerned that if we leave here, after perhaps two nights, we may not have found somewhere else. So we've decided to relax on the sunny pitch in the mornings and do something in the afternoons.

This small campsite is occupied by predominantly caravanners, and so far we have managed to keep ourselves to ourselves. This should avoid us getting involved in debates about the cost of importing cheap wooden clothes pegs from Eastern Europe, the wholesale price of fresh heather, the cash-in-hand price paid for church roof lead, or conversations about worming tablets or flea powder.

Whilst The Chef enjoyed soaking up the sun I set about a bit of hand washing. This afternoon we set out on foot to find an ATM machine, the reason being the campsite owners want paying in cash, so that's seventy-two pounds we've got to come up with. We don't normally do much with cash, and during this coronavirus pandemic almost nothing, but we've got to respect their wishes, so off we trudged.

For some strange reason I got my bearings 180 degrees out, and instead of a short walk to the garage which apparently had an external ATM we ended up at Potter Heigham Bridge in the opposite direction. It was a very nice spot, and having spoken to the man in the ice cream parlour as to where we could find an ATM machine, he told us that Lathams store next door did cash-back, and you only have to spend a couple of pounds to get it. So in we went. First I passed the Cadbury's chocolate display, so just had to have one, then next to them were the 'Crunchie' multi-packs, just the one then. Round the corner was the wine selection. Here was proof indeed that Nor folk are wine connoisseurs. The selection started at £3.50, right up to the top of the range at £5.49 a bottle.  Knowing I had plenty of medication onboard I threw caution to the wind and blew some of my hard-earned pension money on a £5.49 bottle.

When we arrived at the checkout, I asked for sixty pounds cash back. "Sorry" says the lady behind the counter and Perspex screen, "We're not doing it at the moment". So that was that, we walked  away with items I could have done without buying, and no cash. Further down the road we came across the village Post Office, which thankfully had an ATM machine inside offering cash without any fees.

Now we could pay our 'rent' and so started to make our way back, passing the campsite to find the garage and bus stop, to see where we could get a bus to. Well the timetable wasn't very clear, what was clear was that, like the rest of the UK, folk in these here parts don't like campers with signs to prove it. Payback was when I turned round having taking a picture of it, to see the name of the village Methodist Church. Yup they'd got it about right. What it had done was reinforce our view that motorhoming in the UK is a complete waste of effort and money. The UK is caravan country. When the day comes when we stop motorhoming in mainland Europe we'll sell Freddie Fendt, it will be a very sad day indeed when we do, as they say in 'Eastenders'- Eeee's family!

For touring the UK I'd just pack a bag and use motels and B&B and keep the price of a motorhome in the bank.

As always we were armed with our face masks and a bottle of alcohol soap which I carry clipped to my belt ready for either of us to use easily. Onboard the motorhome I have created a 'Covid Box' which contains face masks, alcohol soap, nail brush, disposable latex free gloves, safety glasses, lemon eucalyptus insect spray, 1.25ltrs of neat G101, and a hand sprayer for using with diluted G101. I expect it to remain on the vehicle for the foreseeable future, ready to be used should the need arise.

This evening's fine dining experience from The Chef was Spag Bol, and very nice it was to and it was washed down with the fine bottle of what tasted like diluted red plonk - the medication  is on standby.

Tomorrow afternoon we plan to go for a nice long walk along the river, or is it a 'Broad'.

Looking at the online news I see that Kim Kardashian West  has announced that 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' is to be axed after 14 years. Well I'm devastated, I was so looking forward to viewing the next series for the first time. I can think of nothing more entertaining than watching a bunch of painted, pouting, attention-seekers indulge themselves, selling their branded tat to gullible fans. It seems that the TV company that commissions the programme were not prepared to increase the wages of the pouters, personally I think it was to clear the decks for her husband, the rapper Kayne West to run for US President in the forthcoming elections. He could mop up the black vote for a start. A new President with Bipolar disorder, and his finger on the nuclear button - what could possibly go wrong?