12. Sep, 2020


SATURDAY 12-09-20

Today ended up being a chores and rest day. While The Chef enjoyed her shower onboard, I slipped on my scruffs and popped down the road to the garage for a newspaper and some bread rolls. The paper itself wasn't that important, but we wanted it for the television guide supplement for the coming week.

After scrubbing up myself, we set about the chores. Nothing too demanding. We'd put the small travelling mat down when we arrived, so we didn't have to clean the floor as much, though I did have the main run of carpet out to clean as The Chef bought in what looked like mud back at Wells, but it seems a bit stubborn, so I'm guessing that some of it are old marks we got on it during the last trip when getting diesel oil on our shoes. Never mind it doesn't look too bad now, and can easily and cheaply be replaced.

We move on tomorrow for just one whole day by the coast before coming back inland visiting locations which hopefully folk will find interesting.

As for the news - well it's all too depressing really isn't it? All we have to do now is wait for Boris the Clown's next 'U' turn, probably around the 'Rule of Six'. If I were him I'd stand my ground. All the whinging around ruined Christmas festivities is a nonsense, it's only mid September. Just be straight with the public and tell them that if they do as they should, and reduce the infection rate then they can have the Christmas they want, but they have to earn it.

As this is a nothing-day would you please allow me to pay my respects to a former colleague Bob Arrowsmith. Bob was one of the AFA's (Ambulance Fleet Assistant) I took on at Peterborough Ambulance Depot to clean and process the A&E ambulances and their equipment around the clock. I think that was about early 2004. Bob was a lovely man and I was astonished to see him on a recent edition of BBC's 'The Repair Shop' (episode 22). Bob had bought in a clocking-in clock for repair, that he had used when working on the railways, and had bought when he had the opportunity.

I took a couple of pictures of him off the television and contacted Brian, who was my Senior AFA, to tell him about Bob's TV appearance. Sadly, Brian told me that I had watched a repeat of the programme and that Bob had sadly died soon after the programme was made, which gutted me.

Tomorrow is another day.............................