13. Sep, 2020


SUNDAY 13-09-20

We awoke to a glorious morning. After scrubbing up we set about all the necessary chores before being ready to move off. Fortunately the very friendly owners were in no hurry for us to leave the site as they had no campers due to arrive today. This meant we could time our leaving to coincide with our arrival at our next campsite.

We left at about 11:30, making our way towards Great Yarmouth. First stop was the Tesco supermarket about a mile from the site. This gave The Chef the opportunity to top up with a few supplies.

Our planned and booked campsite was the Caravan & Motorhome Club campsite on the racecourse at Great Yarmouth. Unusually for one of their sites there was a distinct lack of CCV cameras and spotlights. Most of their campsites look like entrances to open prisons. I guess it's because they must lease the land rather than own it, and have to abide by the wishes of the owners.

We are here just to take a quick look at Yarmouth and what we know about it other than it being a popular holiday destination for many folk, particularly from the north of England for some reason. Maybe the weather is better down here for a holiday.

It's quite a big site, though peaceful enough. We're members of the Club, but hardly ever use their facilities, maybe because we object to all the rules and regulations. It's just not for us. I think eventually we'll get around to cancelling our membership. The campers are split fairly 50/50 between motorhomers and caravanners, hence the change of the Club's name to reflect the mix of membership.

Having parked up we spent the afternoon sat out in the glorious sunshine. It was such a pleasant surprise. I hadn't dared hope for more than a bit of sunshine and warm weather during our trip. Typically I've left the gas barbecue behind, not thinking we'd need it.

This evening's fine dining experience was bacon & egg, as neither of us felt very hungry. I'm sure many of the caravanners were enjoying something grander, like hedgehog baked in clay. It's the travellers equivalent of Beef Wellington. You bake the hedgehog in the clay ball and then when you break the clay ball open the spikes come off the skin, held by the clay.

As always we're not using the site toilet and shower facilities. We can't control the environment in there, and I'm sure a warm moist atmosphere would be perfect for passing on the Covid-19 virus. By using our onboard facilities we have control over it.

Tomorrow we're off in to town hopefully to find things of interest to share. On Tuesday morning we have to be off site before 10:00 as it is a race day, so I guess there'll be lots of visitors trying to get on to the racecourse, eager to lose their money.