14. Sep, 2020


MONDAY 14-09-20

We were up in good time on what promised to be a cracking hot sunny day. We were of cause comforted by the thought that we'd be able to catch a bus from right outside the racecourse/campsite right in to the centre of town.

And there we stood as the 10:10 number 8 service drove straight past us despite seeing us move forward and start putting our face masks on, and then the same thing happened for the 10:40 service, and this time I had my hand well and truly out. So that was that, we'd have to walk all the way. As luck would have it we passed the bus depot on the way where I was able to go in and have a frank exchange of views with the staff. I was told that because of social distancing they will only take nine passengers on a single decker and 18 on a double decker. I told them that I appreciated that but there were nothing like nine, or seven, before we got on, passengers on each bus, and that it looked more like a game the drivers play to pee off passengers. I suppose that's what happens when they do very little, and as a result, earn very little, but can hold their hands out to the government for a subsidy, paid for by those they leave by the side of the road.

Just before arrived at the bus depot I spotted across the road an undertakers and florists established in what looked like a former pub. Maybe it used to be called 'The Casket & Beer'.

After a good deal of trudging we arrived in town.

Great Yarmouth, often called Yarmouth, is a seaside town in Norfolk, straddling the mouth of the River Yare, some 20 miles (30 km) east of Norwich. A population of 38,693 in the 2011 Census made it Norfolk's third most populous place. Its fishing industry, mainly for herring, fell steeply after the mid-20th century and has all but vanished. North Sea oil from the 1960s brought an oil-rig supply industry that now services offshore natural gas rigs. More recently, offshore wind power and other renewable energy have created further support services.

The town's wall is among the most complete medieval town walls in the country, with 11 of the 18 original turrets still standing.