14. Sep, 2020


For much of the time we were in town we found ourselves wearing our face masks. Gt Yarmouth is a popular holiday destination for northern folk, and what northern folk have got right now are a number of towns and cities in varying degrees of lockdown due to their high Covid-19 infection rates. Little wonder given the conduct of people on the streets today, making no effort to socially distance whatsoever. Couple that with the behaviour of young people and the multi-generation households (we used to call it overcrowding) of their Asian communities back home, it looks as if it will be a long time before we get on top of this pandemic.

Lunch proved difficult as so many take-away establishments took cash, and we had no intension of buying food from staff who have handled both food and cash. In the end we had to settle for fish and chips at 'Harry Ramsdens', where our money was taken at one window and food was handled by different staff at a seperate window. We've had Harry Ramsdens before at other locations, but these were nothing special at all the portions were really small and very expensive. The fish and chips we enjoyed back at Wells were far better, larger portions, and a lot cheaper.

So that was Great Yarmouth. I bet you thought it was just another British seaside dump. Well it is, but I wanted to make a quick visit to try and find the more interesting aspects of the town, though I have had to promise the Chef that we will never return.

If all goes to plan the next two days will each have their own new chapters to keep them of manageable size.