16. Sep, 2020


I laid a little poppy tribute on the airfield memorial before chatting to a club member who had met Jimmy Stewart a couple of times. He said he was a very unassuming man who always remained loyal to the airfield and supported the club over the years. We had been a little bit unlucky that nobody had a key to the archive locker, in which was a photograph album featuring James Stewart, but never mind. It was also a flying day and so I wasn't free to roam the airfield, but did manage to get a picture of the start of one of the runways.

So here we are, my darling Chef and I, with the whole airfield to ourselves for the night. Let's hope it's not haunted!

I have added a few Youtube links for those who are interested. I found the interviews with Seymour Glass interesting, giving a good insight in to these lives of those very brave men. We owe them so much.

I will not be posting anything for a couple of days as tomorrow we are visiting my brother Richard and his wife Sue about nine miles away in Hoxne. See you Saturday.