21. Sep, 2020


After further wandering around we made our way back to the campsite, this time walking along the path in the sand dunes.

I have to say, I get Southwold. We've been here before, but not had the time to look at it closely. It offers a nice civilised seaside experience. It has what most folk are looking for, though it's not very cheap, and unfortunately, not very easy to get to.

I'm glad we're on the move tomorrow. Today an area of the campsite has filled with gobby younger people with tits and tattoos on display as well as a couple of vans and lots of barking dogs. It's looking more like a Pikie site. In fact there was an altercation this evening between one couple with a large poodle-looking thing, and the owners of a husky dog and a small ugly black thing. Clearly one of them had bitten the poodle-thing as it passed, I guess in the abdomen area as that's where both owners were examining.

Never mind, we're off tomorrow heading for Aldeburgh further south. In the morning we will enjoy the luxury of a lovely hot shower onboard and a fresh change of clothes.