22. Sep, 2020


So then it was off to our campsite for the night. It turned out to be a very small site with about twelve grass pitches, and all of them sloping. The Chef couldn't get an answer from the owners. I told her that we had been allocated the first pitch on the left once on the site, except that those directions didn't make sense. So we drove around and tried out a few pitches for size, and not being happy with any of them parked up and looked at things a bit more closely. I fired up the laptop and went in to my emails, armed with that information I went to Google Maps. Oh dear. The campsite we should have been on was back in Aldeburgh, just nine miles back the way we came, along some roads which were so narrow they had passing places.

Finally we arrived at Church Farm Holiday Park (GPS: N52.159327º E1.602512º), where the man on the gate armed with sanitiser, a clip board and an AK-47, gestured to the first pitch on the left. Unfortunately by that time of day there was no sun on the pitch, but that didn't stop The Chef as she got her chair out and plonked herself down on the vacant pitch almost opposite us. I got us set up whilst thinking to myself 'you don't get much for £31 a night'.

After a while The Chef decided to take herself off for a walk after my telling her the seafront was just down the road. I think she was less than amused when she returned to tell me that it was a two minute walk from our pitch here to the car park where we'd spent the morning and £3.50 in parking charges.

The Chef has suggested that we could/should walk to Thorpeness this evening, and after this afternoon I can hardly say no.

At the moment we are awaiting the BBC Six O'clock News. No doubt there will be more doom and gloom, followed by Boris the Clown's address to the nation at eight o'clock, with maybe a bit of balloon modelling thrown in, and a custard pie for somebody.

The only news that caught my eye this morning was:

'Thousands of Britons are being fined for breaking 'unclear and ambiguous' Covid lockdown rules, MP's warn, with enforcement having a 'disproportionate impact' on young men from BAME backgrounds, a committee of MP's has heard'.

Or put another way, huge numbers of the BAME community refused to respect and abide by the government guidelines, and continued to hold religious festivals, parties and meetings attended by very large groups with no social distancing. Therefore when there were local enforced lockdowns the BAME community were 'disproportionately affected' because they were the beggers who were breaking the rules the most.

Tomorrow is likely to be the last day of this trip. I've tried to spin it out, as it is our 'Hello & Goodbye' tour of Norfolk & Suffolk, though we will probably return for a couple of nights away to specific locations. The weather is about to change, with temperatures dropping about ten degrees Celsius from tomorrow together with wind and rain, and that combination isn't going to be much fun.