28. May, 2021


FRIDAY 28-05-21

You've got to give it to them. Our European neighbours can teach us a thing or two about public transport, both rail and roads. Over on the other side of the Channel roads are wider, less congested and safer. But here in the UK they're overcrowded third rate highways with an element of insanity thrown in if you choose to drive on the new 'Smart' motorways which use what used to be the hard shoulder as an additional traffic lane. If I were ever to end up on one, I would simply ignore the new inside lane and drive in the second, which was the old nearside lane.

So today's journey to here in the York area was spent on the overcrowded A1, a road which is a major road in the UK yet warrants no more than dual carriageway status, and sections of single carriageway. We spent most of our time following HGV's in the nearside lane, leaving plenty of braking distance, whilst all those folk in a hurry to somewhere spent most of their journey tailgating each other in the second lane. Presumably much of the traffic was due to this being a Bank Holiday weekend, and the first time folk have had a chance to get away since the covid restrictions were relaxed. So lots of hold-ups - but we made it.

I shall entitle this chapter  'York Area' as I don't want to make them too long, I'm mindful that the 'Calais to Barcelona' chapter on the last trip to Spain was a very long one and many folk seemed to read it in two bites.

This evening is being spent in the car park of the 'Jefferson Arms' public house in Thorgonby outside York (GPS N53.869706 W0.950627), who are part of the 'Britstop' scheme.

So this evening we ate in the pub, two fish and chips, one with mushy peas and drinks, which was very nice and all for the equivalent price of a nights campsite fees.

Tomorrow we are off out for the day before returning here for another nights stay.