30. May, 2021


SUNDAY 30-05-21

Last night should have been very peaceful but unfortunately I was awoken by little birds signing their hearts out at 04:00, though I mustn't complain as I think it's one of the loveliest sounds on God's earth. Trouble is they were joined by all the local pigeons cooing at 04:30. I think the problem is they go to sleep when it gets dark as there's nothing to keep them interested or occupied, so wake up early in the morning as a consequence. We have the same problem at home. I think maybe I should consider putting a large screen LCD television in a waterproof container and sticking it on the garage roof facing towards the hedges and oak trees at the bottom of the neighbours  garden. That way the birds can spend the evenings perched watching a few soaps, the news and maybe a bit of 'Match of the Day'. That way they'll stay up longer and sleep longer giving us some peace in the mornings.

At 05:30 I had the birds singing, The Chef snoring like a pig and next doors heating boiler purring away in my ear. Ohhh it's good to be back on the road.

We hung around in the pub car park until 11:30 before setting out on the fifteen mile journey to Chowdene Campsite (N53.978199° W1.051881°), just a ten minute walk from the Park & Ride site and a shopping centre. We were due to arrive there at exactly 12:00, the earliest time for new arrivals, however we hit a long traffic jam on what must have been the York ring road, delaying us quite a bit, but never mind,  once there we were soon set up for our two night stay.

Having enjoyed a period of relaxation and soaking up a bit of the lovely warm sunshine we took a stroll down to the shopping centre for a wander round. Here's where we'll top up on a few groceries on Tuesday morning before heading towards the sticks.

This evenings meal was a barbecue. My word it was hard work with the cleaning up taking longer than the cooking. Never mind we'll get back in the swing of it soon enough.


The TV reception has been pretty poor this evening. Normally my aerial set up works really well, but not today. We only got to watch half of 'Call the Midwife' before it pixilated too bad to watch. Never mind it will have been recorded back home.

On the internet news I see that our twice-married Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the tom cat of London, has somehow persuaded the scandal-riven Roman Catholic Church to allow him to marry his partner, Princess Nut Nut, mother of his latest child, 'Wilf the Bastard' in Westminster Abbey. Even on his wedding day he looks like a man who has put a wet hand in to a live electric toaster to retrieve a piece of burnt toast. How does he get his hair to stick out like that?

Tomorrow we're off in to York for a look around. We've been here before but it was a few years ago. We'll need to be up in good time as the shower and toilet block here is closed so we'll have to shower in the motorhome and air everything through.