5. Jun, 2021


SATURDAY 5-06-21

Well I would have had a comfortable night had it not been for the fact that having eaten last night's ploughman's lunch I was suffering gastric reflux. I took some medication for it before going to bed, but obviously not enough so at 02:00 I had to have some more. My darling Chef slept and snored her way through it all.

Thankfully it was another lovely sunny morning. Until now I wasn't aware that sheep wore wrist watches. I say that because for the past two mornings at just on 08:00 the local sheep all start baahhh-ing. How do they know what time it is?

This morning was to be a lazy one followed by lunch in the motorhome and a hike to who knows where.

The blockage in the waste water pipes continues to cause us a problem. Yesterday we let some air out of the assisted air suspension to get the vehicle back-end-down-a-bit, but that didn't help, so this morning I poured a little 'Mr Muscle' drain cleaning gel down both the bathroom hand basin and the right hand drain in the shower tray. Having followed the instructions it didn't seem to make much difference at all and so I am now convinced that there must be human hair blocking the pipes. I have identified a suitable product on 'Amazon' to cure the problem, though before using it I shall introduce a piece of thin wire with a hook on the end to try and remove it physically. In the meantime I may have to be bolder and tip far more cleaning gel in to the drains to try and improve matters until we return home.

This afternoon's walk was something of a mystery tour. The Chef fancied following some of the route we took yesterday, but then swing left down to the main road, over the road, past the front of Sand Beds Head Pike, before dropping down on to another road close by then home.

After we crossed the main road we saw just one footpath sign which directed us in to numerous fields of sheep and lambs. No more were we to be advised of which direction to walk, we were on our own. Naturally enough we lost the footpath such as it was and found ourselves walking across boggy moorland and rocks. We knew the general direction we needed to follow but just couldn't find footpaths and gates to match that direction. At one point we found ourselves needing to scramble over a drystone wall.

Never mind we did eventually find our way back where a sit down with a glass of beer was most welcomed.

We'd decided not to eat at the restaurant here this evening, our digestive systems just won't take it. Nonetheless we'd spent over sixty pounds with them over the past two days and so we had contributed towards our free hospitality kindly offered by the Inn.

Tomorrow we head about fifteen miles up the road to Bainbridge, where we'll spend just one night, hopefully getting in a little walk before enjoying a Sunday Roast at the 'Britstop' pub. After that it's off to Aysgarth Falls. The pace  of the trip should then pick up in about a week.

Before setting off tomorrow I must remember to pump some air back in to the suspension otherwise we'll be going down the road at a funny angle.