15. Jun, 2021


TUESDAY 15-06-21

Come the revolution and I achieve world dominance the first thing I'm going to change are campsite booking in and out times. They all do their own thing, but it needs to be standardised. Today we were required to leave the very nicely situated Barn at Beal Restaurant and Campsite by 11:00, but we could not arrive at our next campsite until 14:00 and it was only a few  miles down the road. I don't know what the problem is. It's not as if they have to hoover the concrete hard-standing, cut the grass or spray polish and dust. I see no reason why all campsites can't require you to leave by 11:00 and arrive after 12:00. Having discussed the problem last night we decided to leave Beal in good time and make our way to a beachside car park I had identified on the edge of Bamburgh. Once there we could stroll around and walk along the beach until 14:00 when we would make our way to the campsite.

When we rolled in to town it was still fairly quiet and we made our way straight to the beachside car park (N55.603963° W1.697879°). Ooops there was a height restriction barrier which meant I had to enter through the exit gate. There was a small wooden shed with a sign on it saying payments should  be made by bank card. The only problem was there was no car park attendant and no machine to use for payment. I popped and spoke to a young lady who was setting up her mobile drinks unit just inside the car park. She told me that the security officer was arriving late today, probably, and they don't normally allow motorhomes in the car park. But she didn't think there would be an issue as long as we paid. I assured her we would pay, and would do so as we left.

So we locked up the motorhome as well as activating our PIR alarm unit, then it was down  through the dunes to the beach. Ooooh silly me, I nearly forgot - so why was the security officer late? Well we've already been hugely put out by a film unit bagging the day we wanted to visit the Bronte Parsonage Museum, back in Haworth. Well here in Northumbria they have rented out Bamburgh Castle to the film company making the latest 'Indiana Jones' movie.  I believe it is supposed to be some kind of Colditz-style Nazi fortress in the movie.

Harrison Ford is reputed to have been seen around locally buying fish & chips and stuff. I really enjoyed the first three Indiana Jones movies, and in fact I think we may have them onboard in our mobile DVD collection. I did watch the fourth movie 'Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull' but frankly it was a film that just shouldn't have been made, so I await the new movie offering with anticipation. Given Harrison Ford's age it will probably be entitled 'Indiana Jones and the Care Home of Gloom'. We have e-tickets booked to visit the Castle tomorrow which I think is their first open day to the public following the filming. Today was the dismantle and clear out day and the security officer was tied up with that for an hour or two.