15. Jun, 2021


It was a lovely walk along the beautiful Bamburgh beach, and we joined many other couples doing the same thing, the only difference being we didn't have a dog. We felt quite left out, I think there is a market for renting out dogs so that people like us don't feel left out. I simply cannot understand the huge increase in dog ownership.

As we walked along the beach I became a bit concerned that back at the car park a potentially officious security officer was jumping up and down because we had dared to disobey the height restriction, had entered via the open exit gate and had yet to pay. I just imagined returning to the motorhome to find a sticky bag on the windscreen with a parking penalty in it. I was very pleased when The Chef suggested we turn back. On our arrival back at the car park it wasn't just us rebels there, four other motorhomes had come to join us.